Posted by: jeanne | October 11, 2008

an art residency in the west of ireland

well, they’ve accepted my application. but they’re only offering me two weeks, and i asked for a month. i’ve been on enough residencies to know that two weeks is just getting revved up, and a month is what i can best take advantage of. so i wrote them back and said i was very grateful, because it’s the only place in the world (well a shortlist of five or so) where i would go to any trouble to visit if given the chance, but please might i have more time, because especially with the fabric work that’s still only nascent in my head, i am not going to be in a position to whip out a lot of work in two weeks.

i’m in two places about this. yes i’ll jump at the chance, but it’s almost a waste of time if i’m there to get something done. and i really can’t accomlish what i need to do if i don’t have the time to get in there and feel my way among the branches and dead ends for the core of it.

so i’m hoping they’ll reconsider and give me another week at least.

we’ll see. and in the meantime, for some reason, i’m hesitant to tell my sister, who’s going to be carrying me down there. something doesn’t feel right about it.

i’d almost given up on the idea, because it’s been not the four months they suggested, but twice that, and my ambitions are practical, so i was eyeing my friend marlene’s studio in amsterdam for a similar, informal residency, where i would do nothing but work and go to museums.

but it’s not like being in the back of beyond on a rainy windy cliffside. there are too many distractions in amsterdam, even if you remain shut in your room.

so we’ll see.


  1. Hi Jeanne

    I came across your blog while researching a trip that I am planning around South West Ireland in November. I was amazed to see that there is actually a place with my family name (i.e. Bolus) and was wondering if you could point me towards any interesting sites, articles or info about Bolus Head.

    I am a South African with English heritage, but now wonder whether I may not have some Irish roots as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards



  2. the kerry coast in november. bring your wellies and a great coat. umbrellas act like kites near the cliff edges. and it’s dark by 5.

    bolus is a place, and has such charm and such a killer view that i have thought of it for almost 30 years. it draws me.

    i don’t know anything about the place. i’m a yank, and toured once with an irish friend, and he knew quite a bit about the place. i searched for years for internet references, and found nothing. then the art project started, and there’s tons of information now.

    you’ll have the best chance of finding more about the place and its history when you go there. ballinskelligs is the big town nearby, so you can start there, in the pubs, of course, but also in the shops and the post office, and anywhere people will stop and talk to you (what am i saying, there won’t be a place people won’t stop and talk to you) and work your way out to the headland and ask the people around there. someone will know.

    actually, it’s kerry. they’ll all know. they’ll all be bloody experts, and they’ll all tell such amazing stories that you’ll forget what you came in to ask, and you’l never get the details straight in your head.

    you probably do have irish in you. even if, maybe, the owner of the place was once some english dude come over with cromwell, he’d have been irish by the time your near relations came along.

    ask the people around there about that as well.

    and have a hell of a time. i’m jealous. i’m not going until next year.


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