Posted by: jeanne | March 19, 2009

plotting and scheming

trying to get a cheap airfare, even six months ahead of my trip. they’ve got spring fares on sale now, aer lingus, for as little as 150 one way from washington dc, and i can get a sale fare from some domestic airline for roughly 50 bucks one way. so we’re looking at 400 rount trip to ireland from atlanta until june. the fares are higher for july and august, and they’re not discounting fall fares yet, which is what i want.

jim has decided that he doesn’t jsut want to meet me in amsterdam for a week in the museums, but he wants to meet me in dublin and see everybody, and then go to amsterdam with me and then fly home from there. which is a whole nother kind of itinerary.

back to the drawing board.

i’ve subscribed to airfare watchdog, and delt, usair and aer lingus, and i’ve read up on all the tips and tricks, and my friend dallas watches out for sales and forwards them to me as well.

and this is all preparatory to any actual fares being on sale. at least i’ll know the field, tho. when it comes time to actually purchase tickets, maybe in july. which is 4 months.

i had a look at my acceptance package. check in is between 3 and 4, leave at 10:30. i have to go back thru my emails until i find the actual dates i was offered, because i’m not sure and it wouldn’t do to mkastake them.

suzsie and i have decided that, since she’s never seen the ring of kerry, that we’ll take an extra day right in the beginning of my residency and go around it, shooting pictures with abandon because i’m going to borrow her laptop and a digital camera and i’ll have a way to display them (on the laptop) so i can paint them. what a far cry from having to wait until i got back to civilization and then another two weeks to get my pictures back. wow. i’ll be able to go out snap a picture and work on it long after the light has changed beyond recognition.

so instead of heading out from dublin fucking early on the 7th, we’ll be hauling ass out of there even earlier in order to do most of the ring, well, at least from killarney to kenmare to maybe sneem. and then show up at bolus head in the afternoon, perhaps after a pint in ballinskelligs. then we can unpack, do dinner things, go back down the pub, get some sleep, and i’ll pack my sister off down to dublin and start painting.

but wait. while it might be possible to get back and forth from ireland for under $500, i’ve still got to get back and forth from amsterdam, and that’s going to be more difficult. i haven’t seen any discounts for multi-leg trips.

so i’ll just look.

well, if i want to go thru both charlotte and philadelphia on the way to dublin, and thru philly on the way back, it’s going to run $600 for a flight in, say, may.

if they’re still as desperate in july.

if they’re still flying in july. these days it’s a toss-up whether to worry about how many airlines will go bankrupt. but airlines can do bankrupt. they’ve done it plenty of times before.

delta does the multi-city route nonstop, which is what i’d like. it’s $762 at this point for a mid-may flight. that’s not bad.

so we’ll see. this is the frantic part of the trip, when you have to act like a day-trader and watch the sites constantly for unexpected changes in your favor.

the actual trip will be a breeze compared to this.

i’m thinking of printing out a contents list for my suitcase. i’m not going to take any clothes, except as cushioning (i’m borrowing everything from susie’s outfitters ltd of naas), and i’m taking a whole lot of suspicious items, like beeswax paste and pigments, dye powders and funny sounding chemicals, and lengths of fabric. hey, they’re flammable, ain’t they?.

delta’s rules say:

“Lighter refills, fuels (e.g., gasoline or Sterno cans), paints, stains, lubricants, and “strike-anywhere” matches are not allowed.”

so, no paints. that’s why i’m taking pigments and dye powder. they don’t look like paints. but my jar of beeswax could, if deliberately set on fire, burn, and so i’m afraid they’ll confiscate it.

to replace it, i’ll eed beeswax and turpentine, and a few days for it to dissolve (or soften). i can get it at kennedy’s the same place i’m getting all the rest of my art supplies. in fact, a pound of beeswax, a cup of turpentine, a set of 14×20 stretchers and a chunk of blue tack will run me 22 euro.

is that all i’m going to need?

we’ll take in the cill rialaig connected dublin gallery while we’re in harcourt street.

so, i just get into these tizzies over things that i still have months to fret aobut. and there’s my garden in full blooming spring and i’m still inside watching the sun go down and making lists.

what foolishness.

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