Posted by: jeanne | March 21, 2009

grocery list

six months to go until i get on a plane and i’m working on what to eat for three weeks at a self-catering cottage on the side of a mountain in the middle of the autumn.

bring raincoat, wellies and a hat, and a flashlight. maybe the wind’ll be too strong for a brolly, bring a hat with ties.

for three weeks holed up by myself in an abandoned village on the side of a mountain with angry atlantic waves below and three miles from the nearest pub.

so. 3 weeks of milk in my coffee and tea.

coffee. tea.

three weeks of beans and rice.

potatos onions carrots cabbage

honey sugar karo syrup (for dyeing)

yeast wheat flour and i’d better bring my own bread tin. i plan to bake and eat toast for breakfast

lettuce and tomatos won’t last out the first week so only enough for that.

loads of butter. 2 dozen eggs. and they sell that uht milk that you can keep unopened on a shelf for months.

guinness, jameson’s, drambuie. maybe wine, one or two bottles a week. but if i’ve got guinness, why would i want to be drinking wine as well? wine’s just to wash the food down, and if i’m eating mostly vegetables i don’t need to be drinking acid. my own private theory, excuse me.

my herbs and spices and something to grind them in, borrowed from my sister’s ltd outfitters and stevedores, along with a coffee maker, a teapot, some nice big mugs and bowls and some decent pots and pans and a good knife by god.

bring hot water bottle.

for meat, i have yet to find out how big the fridge and freezer compartment. i don’t expect more than a mini fridge, so my meat will be frozen. maybe some smoked salmon, that’d be nice. i could work my way thru a side of salmon. too bad it’s all farm raised even in ireland. farm raised is bad. parasites and diseases. but some lamb certainly. baa.

dried beans, split peas, i’d love to make a big bowl of tapioca to last the week.

fruit, fresh and dried, and yogurt will keep. oh and irish cream i’ll have to have loads of that stuff. and did i mention pounds of butter?

the large ish question is whether to get it the day before we go on down the country, or do we get it in caherciveen or watertown on the way out to the back of beyond?

my sister and i have decided that since she’s lived there ten years and never seen the ring of kerry, and since i can take about a thousand photos that would then inspire pictures the whole time i was there, and because i haven’t been around the thing in almost 30 years, and since it’ll be the middle of fall and all the tourists will have cleared out and we’ll have the road to ourselves and that’s a blessing even in a garden spot like the ringof kerry.

so we’ll be leaving down there a day early, with her big suv packed full of everything i could possibly need for three weeks holed up making art 18 hours a day with i’m told a tradition of going down the pub one night a week, which i’m right into. pint of guinness please ta. a pint of plain is your only man.

so we’ll head out from dublin on the wednesday early, and once we get to tralee, the fun will start. we’ll do the grand tour, and end up in some bed and breakfast maybe in kenmare or sneem (parknasilla is closed in october) and continue our tour, arriving at siopa cill rialaig around 3 to pick up the keys.

then settle in, unpack and arrange things, put on some bread to rise, and then head down the pub with the sister for the evening. and to work the next morning when i’ve seen the back of her for three weeks.

and what do i have to work on? well, i found myself with 6 yards of linen that i’ve had hanging around since its impulse purchase all fo ten years ago. so i’m going to see what i can do with six yards of linen.

there are oil paintings i can do with linen, stretched or mounted on board.

i can also do encaustic paintings on linen on board.

and i can make placemats with linen, dyeing them and then using acrylics on them.

i can dye the linen and use it for clothing or wall hangings or pillow cases

if i were taking my pastels, and if i knew how to use pastels to my own satisfaction, i could od pastel on linen on board. but i’m not.

six yards is going to go fast. i’m also bringing plenty of paper for watercolors.

i wonder what happens if you put fabric dye on watercolor paper. it’s 100% rag, so it should dye like any other fabric. hmmm. it should worlk.

you can see how much i’m enjoying the anticipation of my residency. the actual three weeks will be over before you know it, but i’ve been enjoying myself for months at this point, and i’m still half a year shy of the eventuality. and that’s great. simple pleasures are the best. enjoy the moment, but plan for the future, because you never know, you might actually see it.



  1. […] i have to make sure i have the right size bag, and make damn sure it doesn’t weigh over 50 pounds loaded.  i only get one bag, so there goes the idea of taking things over for my sister.  all i have to take over in this 62″ circumference bag are my art supplies.  that’s all the reduced paint materials (baby-shoe box full of pigment), wax and whatever liquids i’m allowed, substrates (linen, paper, boards, fabric), brushes, studio tools, collected (ripped out and printed) papers and notebooks, and sundry other things that escape me at the moment.  this is the time to go look back at other lists i made last year. […]


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