Posted by: jeanne | April 11, 2009


my friend jennifer emailed me clark howard’s site, which i explored, and it let  me to yapta which will track flights for fluctuating prices, and also to a consolidator where i’m getting a quote for the multicity flights i want to take of 633.

this is for a flight from atlanta to dublin, then from amsterdam to atlanta a month later. 6-something is not bad. i’ve been getting 1300, then 880, and now i’m getting something almost reasonable.

still not nonstop, however. we’re going to have to go to dc or chicago or new york in order to get the cheap fares, which are typically aer lingus. delta sucks for good prices until they have a sale. aer lingus always has a sale. like airtran. which airtran and continental i’m also looking for cheap fares. i want a nonstop, and that means delta, and i’m all out of buddy passes.

only 5 months and a bit before i’m off to ireland.

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