Posted by: jeanne | April 15, 2009

more airfares

something funny’s happened with my hotmail account in the last two weeks. i have been unable to open any mail or send or do anything else except see the new message headers. so i’ve missed a lot of newsletters and price deals. but it’s still five months until i travel, and i’m betting the prices will continue to go down.

i’m looking at jfk to dub right now, as a bellweather. delta and air france. the delta nonstop to dublin is 488, and today’s price on atl-jfk is 269, and that’s 757. i know i can get a better price atl-jfk, even if i have to go atl-lga and take the subway. as if. me and a big rolly bag getting a bus transfer and heading for the train. both ways to europe. and coming back with jim in tow. but by god if it’s a 1300 fare or a hike and 750 then i’m afraid i vote for walking.  i can spend the extra 600 on provisions and nights in castles down the country.

right now i can get my chosen itinerary, which is atl-dub and then ams-atl, for 869, with a stop in philly, where we have friends and there are art museums of particular interest.

we sometimes think of our stopover city as a chance to get out and see the sights, alto we’re always in a rush to get to the primary destination and back to get the dogs out of hock.

i say always. jim and i have travelled three times to europe and twice to charleston, and three times to new orleans, and three times to dc, in five years. so i guess always is appropriate. not forever, but i like to travel. especially for next to nothing.

and so i sit doggedly at the computer researching fares, waiting patiently for the prices to drop to my goal, which is under a thousand for both tickets, 800 better yet.

aer lingus from iad-dub is 569 round trip. that’s right at a thousand for both. but then there’s the flight to dc, sorry, i forgot.

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