Posted by: jeanne | May 28, 2009

airfares again

delta, atl-dub. i can have nonstop for oct1-nov9 for $831. and nonstop nov30-10nov for 801.

i can get nonstop for jim at 801, but he’s got to leave the 28th and land the morning i get picked up hundreds of miles away, and we leave the next day, the 10th of nov.

the dub-ams route is ryanair vs aer lingus. it’s 74.30 euro on aer lingus, and 30 euros going thru eindhoven and leaving on nov4-9.



  1. Why are you flying to Dublin? Why not to Shannon? Have you checked the via London flights? Often cheaper


    • i detest coming thru london, and try to avoid it whenever possible. if i’m willing to go thru hubs here in the states, i don’t have to do it there. i like our hubs better (don’t mention frankfurt) (and yeah, never mind denver and detroit).

      as for shannon, see, i have an ace in the hole, i’ve got relatives in dublin, so my expenses are way down already. not only will i be hanging with my sister, but she’ll drive me down and pick me up, a 5 hour drive (or more) each way.

      do you know if anyone responded to your notice about the six month residencies?


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