Posted by: jeanne | June 3, 2009

more planning

but first a newsflash. if i want to go atl-dub and go thru newark on continental, i can get tickets for 571 for me and jim both. that’s 1140, and how much for dub-ams? hold please. 105 each, that’s 1350. that’s not good enough. i’m going to need $500 of provisions for the 5 weeks i’ll be traveling, 10 days with jim, and i’ve only got 1500.

and looky here at a hand-drawn map of boolakeel, the next bit toward town, where i can see a large estate going from the road to the sea, and a some sort of i don’t know preserve with a maybe fish stream and perhaps some old stoneworks in a roughly circular shape. you can see this on google maps. i’m not finding anything on the internet, so i’ll have to wait until i get there, or ask helpful mary at siopa cill rialaig

on to the next topic. i’ve taken the list i made some time back, and i’ve rethought it. there are several categories.

art supplies

fabric, rotary, paper scissors, razor blades, irish army knife, palette knives, scraping tools

needles, threads, pins, embroidery thread, suede cordage, ribbon

tape measure, cup measures, teaspoon measures, metal ruler, palette cups

small bag assorted notions (buttons, fiddly bits)

drawing pencils, marking pencils, erasers, dust brush, writing pencils, sharpener, nail file, sandpaper, sharpie, magic marker, oil brushes, watercolor brushes, encaustic brushes

masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, hammer, nails, hangers and screws, screwdriver, blue tack, thumbtacks

flashlight, batteries

wax paper, brown paper, newsprint, graph paper

20 10×14 sheets arches watercolor paper, 5 10×14 sheets canvas

powdered dyes (4), dye cups (egg cartons), larger cups

steamer, basket and lid

dye salt, water based resist, discharge paste

sodium alginate, calgon, urea, soda ash, synthrapol, alcohol

gloss gel medium, linseed oil, orange oil, gum arabic,  pastels, conte crayons, beeswaax, wax paste

silk clips, rubber bands, plastic bags

wee box of every pigment i could ever use (which is getting unwieldy)

plastic cup palette, flat plexiglas pallete, tiny glass palette

board for doing encaustics on canvas, 18×24

stretchers 18×22, 24

canvas pliers, staple gun, staples

camera, real film, camera battery

a bunch of small panels for doing encaustic

plastic dyeing tub

cutting pad and guide


empty bottles, eyedroppers, squeeze bottles, resist bottles


cut or folded canvas for small paintings (18×24)

2 yd 45″ crepe backed satin

2 more yd 45″ crepe backed satin

45×58 cotton jacquard

2 yd 45″ 16mm habotai

45″ square linen jacquard

2 yd 45″ muslin

18 4″ square (6″ w/trim) linen napkins

6 yards of 45″ linen (less 6″ strip)

personal belongings

toothpaste brush

menstrual rags




medicine, assorted tinctures and supplements


wool socks

keen sandles

fingerless gloves


hot water bottle

bread tin


from My Sister’s Ltd. Outfitters and Stevedores

a thorough rout thru my sister’s spice rack

coffee maker, teapot, nice big mugs and bowls

decent pots and pans

knife, cutting board, bread knife, wooden spoon

mortar and pestle? spice grinder?

mixing bowl

iron, ironing board

heat lamp



digital camera


sewing machine?

















air mattress, bedding

things to get in town

borrow diarmuid’s easel

turpentine, beeswax, lighters, salt, karo syrup

daffodil bulbs to plant around the cottage

coffee, tea, canned milk, honey, sugar, yeast, whatever spices needed

flour, beans, rice, split peas, tapioca

dried fruit, nuts

starter lettuce and tomatos, canned tomato

potatos, onions, carrots, cabbage

butter, eggs, cream, yogurt at the last town before the residency

guinness, jameson’s drambuie, red wine

meat and fish to put in the no doubt tiny freezer

turf for the fire, some of the local stuff and some compressed turf. 50%?

now i’m going to run this past my sister, who is setting me up in everything but art supplies, and see if there’s anything i can’t get there (maybe they don’t have karo syrup).

see? all this with 4 months to go before i leave on my irish residency.



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