Posted by: jeanne | June 18, 2009

airfares and swine flu

travelocity is giving me atl-dub from 1 oct to 9 nov for 802.

the thing that bothers me is that when it shows the available dates for the fall sale fares, they’re not available when i’m flying, and i’m wondering what happened to all the discount fares all of a sudden.

i read that ryanair is cutting back flights, and delta is cutting back flights,  and so is aer lingus. some of the cutbacks look like they’re immediate, some are for the winter.

i have to get flight insurance that covers pandemic flu outbreaks. i’ve read up on travelocity’s insurance partner and don’t want to use them.

on the other hand, what’s the likelihood that the whole trip will be canceled? i’m waiting until the last minute to buy my tickets, i can’t commit before then because i can’t know. but this next couple of weeks will tell, especially in great britain, where cases are spiraling up and they’ve had their first death.

here’s what has me so worried. this is a simple plot of the official swine flu death numbers, which as everybody knows are low by orders of magnitude. as you can see, it’s an exponential curve, with case numbers doubling every couple of days. and the swine flu has been outbroken for two months now, since the middle of april. and it’s just beginning to take off in places like england, australia, manitoba, boston, chile.

i can add.

this chart came from a flu forum.


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