Posted by: jeanne | June 26, 2009

quintana roo, here we come

we’re going to cancun next week. sunday, the 5th of july. jim and i are going with jim’s son, his wife and their two kids.

of course i have to mention, since nobody’s hearing anything at all in the press these days, that there’s swine flu in mexco. in fact, yucatan, which is the next state over from quintana roo, is currently the leader in new cases of swine flu.

Swine flu cases spike in 2 Mexican states
Associated Press
2009-06-26 11:07 AM

Mexican health officials say swine flu cases have spiked in the southern states of Yucatan and Chiapas prompting authorities to start the summer break weeks early.

The Health Department says that confirmed infections spiked by 25 percent in each state this week. In Yucatan, cases went from 683 to 913 and in Chiapas from 492 to 657.

Department spokesman Carlos Olmos says Mexico’s epidemic is under control and that the infections in Yucatan and Chiapas have been mainly at schools.

Officials in Yucatan said summer break started Wednesday, three weeks ahead of schedule. In Chiapas, the break would start 10 days early on July 4.

The statement Thursday says 9,028 people have been infected with swine flu resulting in 119 deaths.

evidently the numbers peaked in quintana roo in early june (i can’t find where i read that. some swine flu forum)

anyway, just in case, i’ve bought hand sanitizers to pack, along with echinacea, elderberry and a homeopathic flu remedy. these go along with the pepto bismol, sting-stop, bandaids and sunscreen you’d automatically take to the beach in mexico.

i’m going to sam’s club for the masks, because they’re 2/$6 at cvs, and at sam’s they’re 20 for $10. i’m bringing them just in case there are sick people on the plane. the air is recycled over and over in planes, and flu virus is airborne in droplets of hacked up snot that willingly go thru the ventilation system of a plane flying for 2 or 3 hours.

i look and act like a nut. it’s okay, somebody has to. at least i’ll have fever reducers and cough syrup and expectorant when somebody starts feeling bad. and if i don’t need them they’ll stay at the bottom of my bag. well, fine, the 2/3 of my bag. it’s getting to be rather a long list.

of course, i don’t really expect to see bad flu until the fall, when it goes around again. and besides, we figure we’ve already had something that came around right before easter.  plus, jim and i are old, so we’re more immune, altho kinda frail.


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