Posted by: jeanne | July 2, 2009

confusing choices

i noticed a sale today. delta. jfk to dub for 199 each way.


i”m a little out of their rule, tho. i’m not returning in 30 days.  it’d be 299.20 round trip if i was only staying a week.


from atlanta, it’s still the same old 847, and if i want to do an open jaw atl-dub ams-atl it’ll be a thousand dollars.

still. for all these months. with record losses at the airlines. if i want to go from atlanta, i’m going to do it delta’s way or nothing.

my ex used to work for delta’s data center, and we got flight benefits, reduced ticket prices, standby. those were the days.

my ex used to work for pan am back in the day. not reduced fares, free flights. in first class. but that was panam, a real gentleman.

and here i am trying not to wish ill on the airlines just to get me a lower fare. how about if the pr lady from delta were to read this and decide to help me out with buddy passes for me and my husband. i could make a very enthusiastic booster, and every one of the millions of people who read my travel blog will be favorably impressed.

i just thought i’d put that out there. i’d like a miracle or two to occur during this upcoming trip. like none of us catch swine flu. like getting a great deal and a free upgrade to first.

the deal i can get being outside their sale dates is this. 488 for jim, 588 for me. from jfk. which leaves atl-jfk round trip (not to mention dub-ams rt). i checked airtran and usair and it was over 200 for the rt.

that’s 700 for jim and 800 for me. going thru new york.

jim won’t go thru new york to save a hundred dollars. he won’t think of it for under 300 savings apiece.

so fine. we’ll go nonstop delta. no skin off my ass. i like flying delta. i’d like it even better with a first class upgrade.

i once let the ticket agents switch me from my planned flight thru jfk to a nonstop home because they were overbooked. i was kind, especially when they offered to upgrade me as well. except that they didn’t get around to it, because things were a little crazy, and who am i to push.

i’ll keep checking out the fares. i’m not ready yet. it’s the beginning of july and i’ve still got august and september to go before i leave. surely there’ll be last minute sales. but boy is it an antsy thing. like watching the spread of swine flu.


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