Posted by: jeanne | July 25, 2009

never mind traveling any more this year

i was going to go off to the west of ireland in october, and stay isolated until november, when jim and i would travel to amsterdam for a round of the old masters.

i kept not finding good fares. which are currently:

delta with 855, one leg thru jfk the other nonstop. open-jaw is 1011.

i kept getting anxious about swine flu, which is at 205 confirmed cases. plus my sister and my friend kay. and since they went to the u2 concert at croke park tonight, they’ve given swine flu to everyone in the park and everyone at the restaurant they must have gone to.

anyway, it’s 205 today. by next week it’ll be 400. then it’ll be 800. then 1600. by the time october rolls around i predict half the country will be in bed or flat out on the couch.

so i thought this might not be the time.

i’d been getting anxious. what if i got it right away – because i get sick every time i travel, so wouldn’t you expect i’d catch the flu in the airport –

tho i didn’t get swine flu when i went to cancun at the beginning of july. it was lovely. i recommend it, especially unspoilt bits of the state –

what if jim got swine flu while i was gone, off painitng and not a thing i could do to help him, oh the guilt.

or what if i caught it coming thru immigration and went to my bed on arriving at the residency, never to rise from my bed only die expiring in agony in my little stone cottage by the sea.

so i emailed the kind administrator of the cill rialaig project, and asked her if it would be okay if i chaned my dates to the following year because i’m getting worried. and she sails back and tells me i can have a better range of dates in 2010.

i feel like i’ve lost ten pounds, the relief is that light. i can enjoy watching epidemic levels of sickness sweep up from the edges and flood the towns. i can laugh hahah.

it leaves me with a lot of art supplies and a sudden hole in th things i’d been planning to do with my art. i went downstairs and started a new encaustic painting – of my left mammogram, masquerading as a planet.

maybe i’ll start that quilt for my mom out of old clothes i had my brother dave pack up and bring to me. first i’ll get the mold out of the clothes, an intricate chemistry.

so i won’t be going to ireland this year. i can stop looking up airfares and worrying about acting at the right time, and being overwhelmed with all the alternatives and yet with no choice at all…



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