Posted by: jeanne | January 31, 2010

residency update

well, i’ve started looking at airfares again, for my new dates of september 9th thru october 3rd at cill rialaig.  from atlanta to dublin, and going afterwards with jim to amsterdam, i’m getting higher fares than last year.  it’s $1300 this far out.  it’ll go down some, but won’t be good if this year is anything like last year.

i must say i have a different attitude.  last year i was all professional gung ho, and couldn’t wait to devote every second to the making of art.  all this to justify the need to travel expensively in order to do the same art i could do here in my studio and save all that money.  jim certainly doesn’t understand.

so this year i’m going to have visitors, and we’re going to go round kerry and the back of beyond when they come, and i’m going to take along a spare bed and expect people to drop in on me.  my sister, my friend kay, my friend francis, my friend diarmuid,  sure and my friend marie too what the fuck her man only lives in cork.  oh and of course renee how could i forget her.  so it’ll be an endless party, and while they snooze i’ll be up painting their portraits with silly looks on their drooling faces.  it’ll be great.

because i never know when i’ll get the chance again.  and what’s more important – friends or work?  i know the answer.  it’s friends.  if i was going to die the following year god forbid, which would i regret not having done, painted a few pictures or visited with people i love?  if i painted the pictures, i could leave them to these people, but hey i could do that even if they visited, and it would mean more.  you have to think of these things.

right now i’ve got $2000 saved up from last year, and i haven’t touched it, so it’s all there.  i’ll use this year’s tax return to add to it, and buy both tickets with that.  after that, there’s more expenses, but i’m good at keeping expenses down.

so, another eight months to go, and i’m going to have a much less anxious time waiting for it to get here.

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