Posted by: jeanne | February 1, 2010

francis turns 50

and he’s having a big party and inviting all his friends to come celebrate with him in barcelona.  his birthday’s march the 6th, which is right around the corner, and i’d love to go, but it’s expensive and i’m broke.

barcelona for a week.  oooh.  all that food.  all that walking around.  tapas.  paella.

but the fares are 631 with swissair, and i have no money.

he’s goimg to take his entourage out into the countryside around barcelona – wine country – and join expat friends of his for the festival of calçots (pronounced calsots).  they’re big green onions, and the idea is to roast and eat these with yummy dressing.  but there’s loads of drinking, and loads of roasting odd bits of meat, and basically you eat all day long and then go round to the pub (francis and his expat friends are irish).

i’ll scheme for a couple of days, or a week, and when i realize i’m just not going to get that $400 fare to barcelona from atlanta, and give up.

oh well.

but just in case i can swing it, maybe my sister and friend kay can  come over too, ryanair are only charging 32 euro roundtrip at the moment.  wouldn’t that be cool?

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