Posted by: jeanne | March 20, 2010

what do airfares look like from march?

i’m going in september.  the residency at cill rialaig runs from thursday, september 9 to sunday, october 3.  i need to get there a few days early to organize things, and trips are cheaper midweek, so i can come the previous thursday, september 2.

jim will be joining me for the last days of the residency, say october 2, so he’ll want to fly over thursday, september 30.  we’ll fly to amsterdam to stay with our friend marleen around tuesday, october 5, and come home tuesday, october 12.

that’s atl-dub september 2
atl-dub september 30
dub-ams for two october 5
ams-atl for two october 12

either that or atl-dub round-trip, and atl-ams round-trip within.  it can be done.

so, let’s just take me for now, and see what both options will run me, this far from september.

the consolidators are selling atl-dub-ams-atl for $1270, and it goes thru heathrow on every leg.  so probably not.  plus, aren’t they on strike right now?

another seller will give me $1083 using usair thru philly and aer lingus to ams.

another has $1236 for the same flights…

let’s look at atl-dub with a dub-ams round-trip sandwiched in between.

consolidator has it at $971 going thru orlando.

the other seller is going for $862 going thru new york with an airport change.  no thanks.

and the dub-ams round-trip is going to be euro83 with aer lingus, and euro41 (thru eindhoven) with ryanair.  cheaper to go the flybynight this time even if you have to take the train to central station.

total doing it this way is $1026 with the consolidator, and $917 with cheapoair.

how about delta, and doing it direct?  it costs $1060.  and the $55 ryanair added on, is $1100.

what’s the price for jim?  we have to go home the 11th because nonstop fares are selling out as i write this????  wft?  it’ll cost him $1004.

in fact, my itinerary is now $1269.  what’s going on here?

american airlines goes thru chicago, but does it for $960.

us airways gives it for $1001.

who else…united $975 (thru ewr, and on the way back with an extra stop in clt), continental $958 thru ewr.

well, that’s not great choice.  i’d like to go nonstop, and certainly jim would.  we’ll see what happens, but it looks like maybe i should buy my tickets soon.


  1. You know Ryanair is a real issue? I was stranded by them in London this winter and wound up having to buy a ticket at great expense on another airline to get home. You can also carry no luggage- I don’t know what you will want to carry either way after 3 weeks in Ireland? But carrying anything over 8kg (including a purse plus camera) costs a lot.


    • airlines suck. they won’t give me free tickets, either, and that really pisses me off, because they should. i deserve it. sorry, not trying to sound petulant, but i hate to spend money, and they all want it. it’s not fair. however, there are humans working on every airline, and as humans, they’re great people and always bend over backwards to help me.

      have you tried writing a letter? i’ve often found that they actually respond and try to make things better.


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