Posted by: jeanne | March 30, 2010

come visit me over behind the back of beyond

so, i’ve got my dates all set now.  bought the tickets, everything.  here’s the part where i invite select people to come visit me while i’m on residency.

it’s way out of the way, so i’m not exactly expecting a stampede, and tickets are expensive for what would only be a few days at most at my little cottage and then off you go to see the country.  but i’ll be there, and i’d love to have you show up.  think of it, we could have a warm little meal of stew and fresh bread, and then walk three miles in the rain to the nearest pub for a jar, only to get up at first light and start work on a fresh work of art.

for those of you not into rustic, there’s always the side trip jim and i plan on making to amsterdam in early october.  you’ll have to put yourself up, but there are youth hostels at reasonable prices and hotels for outrageous fees.  there may be last minute fares you can live with.

think about it.

the residency starts september the ninth, and runs to october the third.  you can come any time during that period, but you should know that my sister will be spending a day or two at both ends, and it will be crowded.  you can pre-arrange when you want to come, or you can just drop in, because i’ll likely be there (and if i’m not, then i’m not far away).

you can rent a car at dublin airport (or shannon), or you can take the train, and then you can take a bus, and then you can get a ride either from the taxi man in waterville, or hitch from some friendly local who’ll no doubt be able to tell you a few things about the artists out on bolus head.

i will have a spare bed of some sort from my sister, and plenty of food, and you’ll have to pack in whatever extra you’ll need.  you can expect windy and rainy weather, altho some surprisingly good days, and you’ll be taking good strong walks everywhere you want to go unless you show up in your car.  of course, you can stay in the cottage and do sudoku puzzles – it’ll be a great place to do nothing at all.

and if you can’t get to the back of beyond, jim and i will be in amsterdam from maybe monday the 5th and maybe tuesday the 6th to wednesday the 11th of october.  we’ll mostly be going to museums, but there’s always meeting for dinner, and you can always tag along with us, because the more’s the merrier when you’re looking at rembrandt, vermeer and hals.

i guess i’m really excited about having bought the tickets and set things into stone.  it’s a whole different year than it was last year, and i’m in a much better place to enjoy what’s coming.



  1. I’ll definitely be there for the weekend in Amsterdam (hopefully with the Friday or Monday attached) and I’ll be planning for another weekend with you in Ireland, dates later.
    Very much looking forward to spending some time chatting, hiking, and absorbing.


  2. Will definitely go to Kerry for a few days, at least. If you can put me up, great. If not, I will get a b&b. Looking forward to seeing you. Will Jim be in Ireland at all?


    • jim will in fact be there for the last few days. we’re planning another dinner at my sister’s, after i get back, so either sunday the 4th of october or monday the 5th for dinner, depending. i’m borrowing the lend of a second bed so as to put up my friends. else that, or it’s in the bed with me, but i don’t snore and i don’t thrash.


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