Posted by: jeanne | March 30, 2010

have to buy tickets now – pain

the prices keep going up.  right now my ticket is going to cost jim $1028 nonstop, but will cost me $1440, which sucks.  i’m going to have to take a stop on the way over, and come back with jim.

booking buddy, however, thru cheapo air, gives me 1080.  1090 if i go home the 10th, which gives jim’s ticket some price advantage.

but what i get when i call delta is 1053.  this is so strange.

always call the ticket agents.  while i was on the phone with her, the fare came up 1083, so i’m going with that.  and jim’s is 1038.

but it’s 1059 and 1003 if we leave for home on the 13th, so let’s do that.

one moment please.  i’m buying two tickets on two separate computers at the same time.

whew.  that was rough.  and i just spent several thousand dollars.  it hurt.  really.  it took me a long time to get that money, and poof, there it goes.

and i haven’t even bought the tickets from dub-ams and back.  maybe later.  i feel traumatized enough.

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