Posted by: jeanne | April 3, 2010

changing a cat’s spots

english anglican archbishop williams was talking on the beeb about the recent scandal in the catholic church and its effect on ireland.  here’s what he said, in part:

I guess that for an awful lot of Christian institutions, until fairly recently, the default setting would be, ‘We’ve got to try and hang onto the institution’s credibility,'” Williams told the BBC. “We’ve learned that that is damaging, it’s wrong, it’s dishonest, and it requires that very hard recognition which ought to be … natural for the Christian Church, based as it is on repentance and honesty.

“We’ve had to learn, well, honesty and truthfulness are the only way in which we can survive in any way as an institution.”

the trouble is that honesty and truthfulness have never been a part of the christian church’s operations.  quite the opposite.  it’s been secrecy, enshrined myth and bad-dad authoritarianism for two thousand years.  and now it’s finally gotten them in trouble with their most loyal base – the irish catholics.  because there’s the pope blaming it on the liberals who thought up vatican 2, blaming the irish priests, blaming everybody else, wringing his hands at the anger heaped upon him, and continuing to shield the church, which is what got the whole pot of trouble boiling in the first place.  and irish people are nobody’s fools.

the catholic church is doomed.



  1. Hey Jeanne,

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get a chance to read your blog, but I agree with you a 100%. Growing up a Catholic (Irish based), subjected to the dogma of Catholicism for 16 years of education, I have been a long term skeptic. It started with being criticized and humiliated in 4th grade by my teacher, Sister Mary XXX, by simply asking “If our God is so loving – why is he so unforgiving?”
    The true revelation came in College, when the nuns were able to tell the true stories of their lives, yes, some were pious, but many others had very different stories. Reality sucks, but protecting people that are predatory is unacceptable.

    All is not kosher (ha ha)in the Catholic faith, and I can’t see a future for such a closed mind faith.


    • i can’t see a future for any such closed minded faith. and they seem all equally closed minded. i’m for a very private, very unobtrusive religion that doesn’t exhort you to go out and kill people for your god.


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