Posted by: jeanne | May 22, 2010

could the catholic church be running low on tithes?

wow.  they’re begging.  i mean, they’re always begging, but this is open.  a million pounds by sunday.

Catholics asked to help fund Pope’s UK visit

Roman Catholic churchgoers are being urged to help meet a shortfall of more than £3m pounds in funding for Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK.

The Church has asked them to put at least £1m in Sunday’s collection – largely to pay for three big open air masses at which the Pope will preside.

Because this is a state visit by Pope Benedict XVI, the bulk of the cost is being borne by the UK government.

The Papal visit will cost £15m, not including extra policing and security.

The Church’s share of the cost is £7m, and with slightly less than half of it raised, congregations are being asked to contribute via the collection plate.

Most of the money will be spent on three open-air masses which the Church says could attract up to 400,000 people in total.

One of the masses will form the high point of the Pope’s visit – the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman at Coventry Airport on 19 September.

Secularist groups have criticised the use of taxpayers’ money to fund the visit of a religious leader.

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