Posted by: jeanne | June 13, 2010

boy it’s hot in atlanta: an irish travel update

we’re really suffering with the heat here.  jim and i don’t use the air conditioning.  we hate air conditioning.  always have.  i was six or seven when air conditioning was installed in our house in northern virginia, and i hated it because it meant we had to close the windows.  no more crickets at night, no more breezes, no more sticking my head out the window to look at the stars.  of course i cheated.  my oldest younger brother would make a tent around the air vent with his sheet, and steal all the cold air in the room the boys slept in.  but i’d cover my vent and pull the window open every night.

before we had air conditioning, we had fans.  we use fans here in atlanta.  it may be 88 degrees inside the house at the moment, but i’m in range of a fan, and have taken the opportunity to get my shirt wet, so i’m good.  it gets a bit tiresome at night when i can’t sleep for drenching the bed, but if i keep a damp washcloth by the bed i can sponge off and lie there wet, under the breeze of a fan.  it’s all good.

this is an update.  an update to my irish travel plans for the fall.  just a touching base to make sure i’m still on task, because with the volcano and the oil spill, i’m kind of preoccupied these days.  i’m unfortunately on facebook, and tend to vent all my oil rage there, posting articles, but i do post them here and in my pirate novel blog as well, and some of the health articles go into my medical/ food  industry blog.  but there are plenty of sites reporting news, and i’m too fatigued to rant and rave, and don’t think it’s a good idea unless i’m emotionally outraged, and then i don’t give a fuck.

my sister will be visiting from lovely lashing ireland in under a month, and we’re going to the beach, but it’s the atlantic rather than the gulf, and things haven’t spread to our georgia coast yet, not quite yet.  so we’ll be blissful in the midst of the death and destruction all around us.  because we’re taking the buddhist view that it’s all impermanent, what goes around comes around, and we’re now going to stop using up our resources faster than we can replenish them and learn to live within our means.  a sea change.

the beach we’re going to is one that is steadily eroding away, more a function of shifting sandbars than global warming, but everything is connected.  we’ll be surrounded by dying palm trees that the encroaching littoral is undermining and sweeping out to sea, in a part of the coast where the powers that be have decided it’s stupid to build barriers against the mighty ocean, which will go where it wants to.

my sister will be bringing my pigments back with her, so that i don’t have to carry them, because they’re powders, and the security people might not know from dry pigments and might want to confiscate them, which would put paid to my being able to make any art on my irish residency at cill rialaig, the back of beyond, ring o’kerry.  that’s the mailing address, really.  ballinskelligs actually means ‘the back of beyond’ in irish.  for real.

my irish trip is in september, which is … less than two months from now?  11 weeks.  that’s when my sister in law is expected to have triplets, and i’d love to be there to help her adjust and take care of the shopping and cooking and cleaning, but i don’t think i’ll be available.  we’ll probably be going to northern virginia to visit after xmas.  i made her a baby play quilt as a baby gift.

so almost three months away, and really all i have to do is pack.  oh, and make a bunch of money.  because i used up all i had buying the tickets, and now i’ve got to come up with 500-600 for three weeks of provisions and stuff and running around dublin and going to the pub down in kerry.  even with the euro down at the moment, it’s still going to cost a bunch of money.  art supplies – i have to buy all my solvents, and probably my wax as well.

i’m much less anxious than i was last year.  last year i knew jim was going to die if i went away, and this year i don’t think it’s that likely.  you never know, but i’m not so worried.  i’ll manage.

the more likely issue is when katla blows up and prevents my going or coming back at all.  it’s a real possibility, especially since there’s been earthquake swarms under the volcano for the last couple of days.  it always blows after e-15, it’s just a matter of time, and timing is everything, so i figure either i’ll be canceling the residency again this year, or i’ll get stuck there.  either way.  i’ve paid for the tickets.  but just in case, i’ve been investigating taking a freighter home, which would be totally cool.

anyway, i’m just hanging out in the heat, waiting for fall (not really, enjoy every day, even if you’re miserable).  i’m still planning on having people over, meeting all my friends, etc, but it’s not yet, and there’s plenty going on until then.

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