Posted by: jeanne | July 31, 2010


my second round of packing has me already at the 50 lb maximum i get for my one checked bag.  and i haven’t rounded up any of the tools.

here’s my list of what i’m packing, and it’s a work in progress.  only a part of what’s on this list is already in the suitcase.

art supplies




threads, embroidery thread, suede cordage, ribbon, small bag assorted notions (buttons, fiddly bits)

fabric scissors, rotary shears, tape measure, marking pencils, needles, pins

powdered dyes (4), dye cups (egg cartons), drink cups

(silk) steamer, basket and lid, dye salt, water based resist, silk clips

thiox, sodium alginate, calgon, urea, soda ash, synthrapol, alcohol

rubber bands, plastic bags, cup measures, teaspoon measures, fabric brushes

brown paper, newsprint, graph paper,  plastic dyeing tub

cutting pad and guide

empty bottles (karo, resist), eyedroppers, spray bottle, baby food jars


wee box of pigments, orange oil, wax paste

plastic cup palette (watercolor), wooden palette (oil), tiny glass palette (and cups, encaustic)

gloss gel medium, linseed oil, gum arabic, beeswax, travel watercolors

paper scissors, razor blades, leatherman knife, palette knives, scraping tools, carving tools

gray pastels, conte crayons, drawing pencils, erasers, dust brush, writing pens, sharpener, sandpaper, sharpie, magic marker, oil brushes, watercolor brushes, encaustic brushes

masking tape, packing tape, scotch tape, hammer, nails, hangers and screws, screwdriver, blue tack, thumbtacks, pliers, staple gun, staples, canvas stretcher, metal ruler, large and small paint cups, wax paper

substrates and fabric

10×14 block arches watercolor paper, 5 10×14 sheets canvas, 5 sheets 16×20 fabriano paper

board for doing encaustics on canvas, 18×24

stretchers 18x24×30 (napkins 18.5” square, placemats 14×18-ish) one set for donated painting

a bunch of small panels for doing encaustic (pellon with a box to stack finished pieces)

cut or folded canvas for small paintings (18×24)

2 yd 45″ crepe backed satin

2 more yd 45″ crepe backed satin

45×58 cotton jacquard

2 yd 45″ 16mm habotai

45″ square linen jacquard

2 yd 45″ muslin

18 4″ square (6″ w/trim) linen napkins

6 yards of 45″ linen (less 6″ strip)

? crocheted doilies


personal belongings

nail file, toothpaste and brush, rags, scarves, brush

medicine, assorted tinctures and supplements

glasses, wool socks, silk undershirt, leggings

keen sandals, fingerless gloves, snotrags

hot water bottle, bread tin, notebooks

bottles (orange oil, coconut oil, alcohol, synthrapol)

real film, camera battery


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