Posted by: jeanne | August 2, 2010

the weather

not only is the weather the first thing you talk about when you meet someone, and thus very important, but i have a thing about weather, and love to notice it.

my sister came to visit me here in atlanta last week, and suffered mightily from the 95 degree heat (lower 70s at night).  now she’s back in dublin where it’s 66 in the day and 56 at night.  currently out in the west it’s 62 in the day and 57 at night, and rainy for most of the next ten days.

so i’m going to have extreme temperature shock, but nothing like going from new zealand to antarctica.  i’m a little boggled by it.  living in atlanta without air conditioning, i’m well acclimatized to the warm summer.  it’s hard for me to imagine putting anything on my skin.  here in atlanta i would go around naked if i could, but since i can’t, i wear a dampened silk tank shirt (evaporative cooling) and loose cotton shorts.  nothing else.

i can imagine, but can’t feel,  an undershirt, a big t-shirt, and a woolen sweater, a silk scarf around my neck, leggings and sweatpants, two pairs of woolen socks, my keens, and fingerless gloves.

i just don’t resonate with it like my sister does.  i have to go from an atlanta summer to an atlanta winter just like that.  i guess i’ll catch a cold.  that’s what the jameson’s is for.

a hot whiskey:  a shot of jameson’s in a glass, some sugar, a slice of lemon with a clove in it, and boiling water to the top.  it’ll cure anything.

i spoke with my irish sister yesterday about my various lists.  i sent her the list i want to borrow from her, and directed her to the list published here, and we talked about it.  she yelled at me about various items (why would you bring socks to ireland, for godsake, and don’t you think i have teaspoons?) and so this evening i opened the suitcase up and reassessed, removing various things like a metal ruler (when i have a tape measure), condensing my dyes into smaller jars, putting the various dyeing chemicals in ziplock bags (where they look ever so like white-powder illicit drugs, but never mind), pulling the heavy notebooks and making jim carry my sister’s borrowed book back to her (with all those empty shoe boxes (which he’d truthfully rather make into cd boxes downstairs than ship them over to her)).

i figure i saved about ten pounds, but we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow because i’m not hefting a bag onto a bathroom scales i can’t see without turning on the light and waking jim up.  we’ll find out tomorrow, when i expect to be able to get some work done.

by the way, i’m chronicling the art part of what i’m doing over at my fabric art blog, and trying to keep this one just about the trip itself.  it hardly matters, nobody reads it anyway, but just in case you’re interested.


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