Posted by: jeanne | August 12, 2010

my destination

that second cottage, that’s mine

i’ve been studying cill rialaig for months now.  there was that brief stop on my irish tour of ’86, and recently it seems i’ve been pouring over everyone’s posts and galleries who’s ever been there.

died and gone to heaven

the beauty of the place is such that you tend to abandon any ideas you had about making art the moment you start up the side of the mountain and see the view.  it’s mainly sea, vast ocean, mostly all around you.  it goes on forever, and the only thing larger than the endless ocean is the sky.

the view off bolus head is all about sky.

the village is in the distance

i feel like i know the place, which is nonsense, of course.  i see a photo of cill rialaig and pretty much know which cottage it is.  some views are so often portrayed that they’ve become cliches.  not that this matters, because the exact spot has an energy that stops everyone in their tracks – right there – and so everybody paints that picture.  and that’s okay.  and i’ll probably do just that.

but i look at each photo, each painting and wonder what i find compelling about it, what i want to do with the painting i might well do of that same scene.

i know that i’ll do at least one view out of the open door, and perhaps several out a window.  i know i’ll do a painting of my fireplace, and possibly of my studio.  if the weather holds, i’ll do a bunch of painting outside, of the great outdoors.  i’ll have a camera with me, but no way to display the photos i take, so i’m kind of reduced to what i have in front of me, which is rocks, mountain, sea, stone cottages, perhaps some little sheepies, a few fields, and lots of changing clouds over the constantly changing sea.  the light.  i should paint the light.

but how do you paint light?


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