Posted by: jeanne | August 22, 2010

ten days to go

travel plans have taken on a bit more urgency.  it’s true that i’ve had my bag packed for a month, way too full and in need of purging.  i’ve taken out the largest rolly bag allowed for my carryon, and sewed a new zipper into the biggest leather shoulder bag i could find (leather, from italy, my sister’s about 20 years ago).  i may not make it onto the plane without shedding some vital art supply.

i’ve got a list of things to get done, divided into stuff for me and stuff for jim, who follows me in a month.  that list now runs over a page and i’m writing on the margins.

today i washed all the handwash things, like jim’s sweater and my fingerless gloves, and all my silk scarves (snot rags, don’t you know).  used a blend of lanolin, shea butter, and essential oils in the rinse water for the wool; keeps it from itching and makes it smell divine.  used geranium, lavender, and a hint of cinnamon in jim’s sweater.

figured out how much money to bring in cash, on my debit card, and on jim’s debit card.  we’re taking way too much capacity for cash, and hoping not to use much at all.  it’s in case the next volcano blows and we get stuck there.  can’t find alternate ways home without money.  basically i figure about a hundred bucks a week for my groceries and another couple of hundred for incidentals (pints), and then a bunch more in amsterdam.

so, at this point, i’m done experimenting with my materials and i’m ready to take half the shit out of my bag and start over.  this time, all the bottles get wrapped in plastic wrap, everything gets a label, everything gets rubber banded shut.

i still have scarves i’m trying to make.  my first two attempts were pretty pitiful, so jim encouraged me to try again, and now i’m making a second set of puffin and fairy scarves, looking for one that isn’t horrible.  so i have that to do this week.

i’m arranging with friends about the particulars of my visit, talking to renee, talking to kay.  i need to call walter and ask when’s convenient to meet him.  i’m exchanging emails with marleen about our agenda in the netherlands.  i’m on the phone with my sister several times a day and we send about a dozen emails at the same time.

i have to pack jim real soon now.  my sister keeps adding things for him to carry with him, a handbag is the latest.  he’s going to have such a full empty suitcase to bring her.

because i’m going to be gone for the whole month of september, i’ve got a very lackadaisical approach to the current family drama that’s happening around me.  i’m not going to be able to do anything about it when it escalates into crisis, which it does regularly, so i’m distancing myself from it in advance.

the baby is coming back here on monday, and i’ll have another week of loving him, hating to watch him before i only have  couple of days to go.  that’ll make finishing and steaming the scarves rather chancy, but we’ll see.

altogether very excited to go, in a sustained kind of way, like i’ve been doing breathing exercises for twenty minutes and am beginning to get a little light headed.


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