Posted by: jeanne | August 29, 2010

five days to go

so it’s getting close, and am i glad i did most of the packing months ago.  i’m sick, and it’s really good to be able to laze and mope and only achieve three things in a day, instead of ten.

i’m making a bunch of sourdough bread to put in the freezer for jim.  i’m leaving him a fresh bottle of mixed spices we use in our oatmeal and yogurt.  i’m straightening the house, which is a big deal for me.  i need to weed the yard, and i’m certain it’s not getting done, which means a bunch of those sticky seed pods this fall; oh well.

i’m still trying to finish my four scarves that i still need to steam and pack.  i don’t have any other art projects to finish, and i’ve fallen way behind on documenting them for my art blog.  i’m still making changes in my itinerary, deciding to go see someone i didn’t think i would get to see, the chance to bring new friends along to meet old ones.  there’s nothing set in stone except for hitting up that french patisserie in cahirciveen.

being sick.  it’s just a cold, and only my daughter suffers the ravages of disease with a cold.  everybody else just gets on with it.  sore throat, runny nose, joints aching, sinus headache.  it slows me down.  makes me less likely to care, so it’s a good thing i’m mostly packed.

i’m typing up the list i’m leaving with jim.  when books are due, when to pick up my prescription refills, what to make sure to pack (toothbrush, comb).  i’m leaving him a large bag to be checked.  if they ask him if he packed his own bags he can look at them sheepishly and say that no, his wife did it, and they’ll have to look all thru it.   what’s in this big bag?  stuff for my sister.  specifically, a large empty box that a very expensive handbag came in.  i’m taking the handbag in my carryon luggage, but she’s insisting on the box, so we’re taking out of jim’s luggage the 12 pound tub of french mustard (made in france), which turns out to leak anyway, so not only is it not good perhaps, but it would have erupted in the luggage during the flight and ruined her box.

paying good money to transport empty boxes.  something about how if she resells anything they’ll want the original packaging.

the weather is heating up.  at this point i’ll have a hurricane underneath me when i fly over the water.  one of several hurricanes that will then turn and hit ireland later in the week, after i get there.  i expect i’ll get at least one hurricane while i’m there.  i can picture the lonely cliff, the rain lashing at the slate roof and stone walls of my cozy little cottage, where i am holed up with endless cups of tea and jameson’s, painting away.

oh yes.  my sister came up with a laptop i can borrow.  and this changes everything.  because now i can go on some excursion, take a picture, and then bring it back to the studio, display it on the laptop, and paint it.  now i am no longer limited to painting what i can see, which has always been my downfall.  now i can see bunches of kerry right there in my studio.  (mad scientist laugh)

i’ve even picked out my travelling clothes.  this is kind of important, because not only will i be profiling myself by my choice of clothing, but it will be my only clothing until i get to my sisters to borrow all the rest.  of course, she’s not going to let me have the good stuff, only the castoffs.  but she lives there, so there won’t be anything she can lend me that won’t be appropriate to the weather.  don’t forget, it’s still hitting 90 during the day, and they’re hovering around 60.

i’m still loading songs on my sister’s i-pod.  so far it’s 10 gig, and i’ve still got a whole stack to go.  because my ex husband has me on a computer with no sound card, i’m having to run i-tunes on a computer that doesn’t connect to the internet because my ex-husband didn’t help me link it to the wireless.  this means i-tunes can’t connect to get album information, and everything shows up as track 01, track 02, etc.  so i have to enter everything in by hand.  and this is fine, except that for about a week i was having the computer automatically rip songs, which meant that if i didn’t catch it and rename it what it was, it went in as track 01, etc.  so i have many albums with track 01 and then the rest named correctly.  the unnamed tracks won’t play with the rest of the album, and that’s just not acceptable, so i’ve got a whole bunch of remediation going on with the i-tunes, even before adding all these songs to the i-pod.  and i won’t listen to more than a tiny fraction of songs that will just be wiped when i give it back to her.  she listens to ’60s pop.  i listen to modern european classical.

to help out, and it’s a big help indeed, my sister’s husband is going to supply me with my vegetable supplies, because he’s got connections in the business.  i told her what i needed – anything that will last three weeks on a shelf in the kitchen.  garlic, onions, potatos, carrots, cabbage, and some fruit – apples and oranges, lemons and limes.

so, really, all i have to do it so make all these appointments for the next five days, finish and steam my scarves, repack all the bags for the last time, get over this cold and see that jim doesn’t get sick.  it’s easy, really, and i’m almost finished with all this preparation.

then the whirlwind will begin.


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