Posted by: jeanne | September 1, 2010

really last minute, i promise

okay, i’m really, really tired right now, and there’s still as much to do as before.  but i’ve solved the i-tunes logjam (where i filled the entire c-drive without noticing the much larger e-drive in the same machine, and figuring out how to hack transferring my songs to the e-drive.  then i could delete the whole i-tunes library, all 26 gigs of it, off my c-drive, and now i can function on the machine again.  i’m back to recording albums jim has fetched for me, i’ve got photoshop up and am working on his business cards and my prints to give as presents.  i’m fielding a bunch of emails at this late hour, and if my legs would stop twitching i might get a couple of hours of sleep.

but since not, then i’m up.

i finally finished all the pre-trip projects i had taken on.  my apron smock is all folded up and ready, i’ve got mustard for my sister (a 28-oz jar only), stuff for my friends, there’s a freezer full of bread and ice cream for jim, and he’s got a new calendar on the new fridge to help him remember all the shit i’ve left for him to do for the next month while I”M ON RESIDENCY.

because yessirrey i’m going to ireland tomorrow, packed or not.  i mean, packed but not packed packed, with everything neatly labeled and organized so that any fool can see i’m harmless.  packed as in shit thrown anywhere – i’ve been packed like that for months.  but just as i abandoned any idea of weeding the back yard before i went, i am fast abandoning walking the security guys thru my luggage.

i’m that tired.

and tomorrow, far from resting and bathing the doggies and pack packing, i get to go drop tumbles off at the breeder’s, who’s just come down with scarlet fever!  who gets scarlet fever any more?  i had to look it up.  so we’re going to do this distance prisoner exchange thing, with the dog walking the last few steps alone while we watch from our bunkers.  and then jim’s got a friend coming over whom he is either eventually going to paint, or to sell a painting to, whichever.  it’ll be fun, but i’m afraid i’m going to be too busy doing shit to do anything except drop a smartass remark as i stomp thru the room with last minute items and a distracted air.

i also have to varnish two prints and mount them onto a backing that jim has made frames for, and have to cut mats for two other frames that are simply ready to frame.  i might do that in the middle of the night, the next time i get up, but i’m not sure.  downstairs in the studio is very far away.

right now i’m loading music in.  my sister is going to get on the pohone with me tomorrow and walk me thru loading it all up on her ipod, which she left with me so i could waste all this time loading in music i won’t listen to, because mostly i prefer silence.

it’s hot and sweaty in the back room where the computer is.  the computer itself is running at a lovely 44 degrees centigrade, which is like 120f.  so it’s not funny.  sometimes the computer gets hot and starts losing it, and it’s very odd some of the things it does.

anyway, i’m sitting here sweating.  tomorrow i’ll have all the doors and windows shut and i’ll be wearing a pair of socks to walk around the house in.  i won’t be seeing many trees where i’m going, i won’t be getting bitten by mosquitos or plagued by flies, i won’t be praying for rain all the time.  i won’t be sitting in front of the computer naked.  and a week after that, i will be ensconced in my little slate-roofed cottage, painting and waiting for bread to rise.

and by the time i’m back we’ll have a light blanket on the bed and will be talking about shutting the windows at night.  the trees still won’t have turned in mid-october, but the chill will be felt and the mosquitos won’t be so bad.  maybe some family issues will have resolved themselves in my absence; i can always hope.

i’ll be able to update my blogs until september 8, and then i’ll be out of touch until october 3, unless somebody’s installed wifi and my hastily grabbed gadgets work.

and right now, i’m going to try to get some sleep, and screw what doesn’t get done…


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