Posted by: jeanne | October 29, 2010

millions of pictures

on the walk up the hill to the village

with my new computer, after a few kinks to accommodate the new batch of gremlins (the keyboard gremlin, the mouse gremlin, the external hard drive storage gremlin, the cable gremlins, the power supply gremlins…), i now have access to all my thousands of photos and 30-second clips i took of my six weeks in ireland and holland.

i’m putting a great deal of the 30-second clips up on you-tube, with one batch of exceptions.  30-seconds because i didn’t want to stand there with my arm and body held against the wind for any longer than that at a time, and didn’t want to deal with many gigs of useless movie files.

i took many many pictures of:
the clouds in ballinskelligs bay
the rain dropping out of the clouds in ballinskelligs bay
the sea rolling in or washing out of ballinskelligs bay
the waves crashing off the rocks at the foot of the nearby cliffs, or farther cliffs
the far landscape of ballinskelligs bay, and beyond to the beara peninsula of county cork
the sky, and the things the sun does to the clouds and mountains and ocean
the mountain behind us
the wee sheepie
the rain on my studio skylight
the changing weather

mostly the clips are of the changing weather.  some of them were taken every five minutes during particularly spectacular periods.

i’ve got many many panoramas of the bay from ballinskelligs thru waterville and off past scarriff and deenish islands and then past dursey head and out to sea, around to bolus head and back to the village.  there’s usually clouds involved, many times rain; it’s always beautiful, mostly wndy and when not, full of midges.

there are also 1300 still photos of all sorts of things, from a trip thru the gap of dunloe to the scary spider blocking the megalithic fort up the hill.

i have to sort them out.

but i’ve started uploading the weather, waves and sheep film clips, and you can find them here.  there’ll be lots more, all equally tedious, as you can tell from the titles (waves 14.avi).

they’re all from my residency period at cill rialaig, which was september of 2010, an extraordinary autumn following a picture perfect summer like they hadn’t had in years, after the iceland earthquake the spring before, and a series of non-summers in the years before that.

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