Posted by: jeanne | November 5, 2010

from my travel journal 2

tuesday september 14 –  why should humans suddenly decide that every life is precious when we’ve never been so overrun?  i’ve had dreams where killing a bunch of people and stuffing the bodies into small spaces never produced a sniffle – better luck next life.

it’s raining this morning, and i found out how untight the bedroom window closed last night when the shuttest position made the lowl louder.  good thing i like moaning wind.  it drives some nuts.  hard to take over a winter, i’d say.  all the little irishisms have popped back into my vocabulary.  the residents don’t socialze much.

i’ve met three of six others and we tend to end conversations quickly and go hide back in our studios.

my brushstrokes have irish accents.  they speak to me as i’m painting.

the wind’s from the south today, so’s the rain.  the waves tend from there too.  but now it’s stopped, backing west, and the sun’s out.  every fucking five minutes.

the wind falls like sheets of rain from the sky.  it moves at the same speed as the waves, shoving them forward.  glass string quartets, rachels, schnittke concertos.

wednesday september 15.  wind from the north again, but dry so far.  the fridge makes a gurgling that re-sounds as a hum, so i’ve got music whether anything’s on the ipod or not.  that and the whine of the laptop are all to accompany the wind.  preisner for last night’s session and first thing this morning.  jenkins was in my head last night, and now brahms.  oh yeah gorecki yesterday afternoon.  it seems important to record what i listen to.

this morning put on the first color in suzie’s village, splashed on deeper greens and blues on the wee sheepie.  i’ve started mixing chalk into the oil paint to thicken it.

of to cahirciveen in the afternoon with two of the residents, joan the yank from london, and gerard from dublin.  got some goodies, smoked trout, pate, salsa.  joan wanted someone to talk wit gerard so she could concentrate on the driving.  i mailed a letter and got tooth floss.

back, snacking, started the first encaustic, with all the local flowers.  was too hasty drying them and pressing them but they’ll go under the wax regardless.

thursday september 15.  dreamed of being with the ex husband in the big city, and we were trying to use a tv to find a hotel room.  one room cost over a thousand a night but i didn’t want the $60 room.  this was after the ex was shot in the left shoulder while he was doing some mission for the cops and they just removed their devices and turned him loose, and i had to dig into my stash of pills to get him settled.  then we looked for a room.  but the people we were with were horrible.  one turned from talking to us and went to rape an old lady in a chair.  looked like they did this all day so i fled, flying off.  at first very badly, but then i put my left arm in front of me and used the chakra in my left hand to pull me along and soon i was going well.  the bad guys were in a car beneath me and stopped when they saw me.  i had stopped when i saw them, hesitant, but when they shouted that i had their window which i guess they thought was magical, i kept on going away from where they were in the night.

cooler this morning, wind from the north and backing east.  don’t know what the east wind brings.  trying to wear two pairs of socks instead of the clumpy house boots i brought – my knees have started to hurt.  croissant for breakfast.

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