Posted by: jeanne | November 7, 2010

from my travel journal 3

friday september 17.  dream.  with my ex the ax murderer at sheahan’s.  sheahan’s a therapist and he’s playing word association games with him.  i forget the words, but after a few rounds of this my ex decides he doesn’t need therapy and gets up.  i’d snuck into the room and was under a blanket so they wouldn’t notice me, but i had to come out and tell him that he was in huge need of therapy simply because he didn’t think he needed it.  then it was going to be my turn but we never got around to it, and i noticed how much like my ex sheahan looked.  then i was in a bad neighorhood looking for an apartment to rent.  i’d been in one earlier so it was a cursory look.  a nook for grandson avery down on the ground level, and a bedroom as well for him.  it would do, and i still needed to ask about the rent.  i didn’t realize how notorious the neighborhood was tho.

k is here, going to stay awhile, here on the air  mattress rather than spending 30 euro a night for a b&b.

the black valley

saturday september 18.  exhausted after a day trip thru the ring of kerry.  went up the inny valley, around the reeks and then thru the gap of dunloe.  i want to bring jim thru when liam comes to get me.  it’s out of the way, but not by much on the map.  i’m very tired this morning, like every morning so far.  kay’s been cooking and i’m eating big dinners and late lunches, and wine.  maybe that’s it, or i’m still adjusting into my second week.

a perfect day in the village

found the perfect clouds for susie’s village on thursday, am just blocking them inand almost ready to lay in proper paint (with chalk), right now blocking in is with orange oil and a tiny drop of linseed.  it all goes to the back of the canvas, so not enough priming.  k brought me two 9-ox jars of medium, so i’ll correcct it on the next panting and will maybe coat this one out with wax when i’m done.

wind back from the nw today, yesterday clear as a bell all day with stars.  moon’s half full now and a day or two beyond.  full moon coming next week.

the tourists just fucking knock and try the door and expect to be let in to see the artists like exhibition animals.  i’m not an installation.  left me bothered for hours.  the guy was indignant.

sunday september 19.  dream.  something something at a party when some guy dragged large carapaced spiders out of his ss, which then grew and unfolded and reached out to grab this fat woman around the neck, and she fell backward.  i called 911 to report it – giant spiders – but there was an RN with a cap and cape and id badge, who was nonchalant about it, saying she’d only be sick for a couple of days but they’d take her to hospital to check her out.

spent the afternoon painting, continuing to progress everything.  can’t wait to get these tourist pictures out of the way.  i’ve been sickish the last two days, had a bad night gut-wise, hence the dream.  sore throat, mild headache, nauseous.

raining 500 yards away

wind from the nw, very changeable weather.  got a chill, but stll haven’t had a fire.  k. went to derrynane and thence to glengarriff on the beara penninsula, the next one down.  very different landscape, she says, more foresty and lush.  the resident next door is leaving tuesday morning, back to london.  we’re having her to dinner tomorrow.  k leaves tuesday as well, and it’ll be a few days after that until i get to the encaustic and faric work.


  1. Yikes dreams!

    I enjoyed this travelogue.

    Tell Kay I said hi! Tell Ireland I said hi too, for that matter. Tell the ghost of your ex I said HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, SUCKER.


  2. i’m writing the ghost of my ex right now. ahahahahahahahaha


  3. Your dreamlife is quite fascinating.


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