Posted by: jeanne | November 8, 2010

from my travel journal 4

monday september 20.  dream.  at a party,  hanging like a puppy onto donald sutherland, who fancies me.  finally we find a couch and it feels really good being next to him.  i’m very excited but then when he whips it out and i roll him over on top of me, he only wants to do himself, so, disappointed, i tickle his tinyness until he explodes.  then he disappears and i start collecting my things from around the couch, my black bra, my wedge-heeled shoes.  the rest of the partiers are sitting around playing titillating games, which embarrasses the men.

warm, foggy on the mountain, k’s going to killarney today and fetch home a bit of lamb for supper.  my cold seems to be gone – worked thru it yesterday with energy.  but i’m still very sluggish.

tuesday september 21.  k gone, getting to be a slight gale from ssw, no rain in it but get to watch clouds form on the island opposite.  yesterday very warm, with the mist on the head not quite blocking the sun until late in the morning.  walked down to the rocks and took lots of 30-second film clips, sat and watched the waves, then came back and decided on my first encaustic of waves breaking on the rocks.

tried to show the next door resident the beginnings of the process, but only did the drawing and the white highlights before dinner.  it’s what i’m drawn to do, and the tourist paintings will only get in the way now, so i’d best finish them and put them away.

just barely ten days left and i’m still doing tourist paintings.  all day working, a gale brewing.  now after dinner it pours on my skylight.  dinner a big stew of leftovers with the resident next door’s vegetables, which she left when she went.  seems to be a tradition, giving your leftover food to the other residents or leaving it for the caretakers.  old chicken stock, quinoa, raw salad with cabbage etc with the exresident’s mayonnaise.  so good to be alone, and a little creepy.  remembered a few days ago having a dream where zombies are trying to break into the house and i’m stoically trying to argue them out of it.

sat mixing oil paint earlier, thinking about chalk and pastels and how the deep colors don’t come out until they’re fixed, and why the pastellists insist on not fixing their colors.  silly, like most fundamentalism.  now to the encaustic, because i can’t paint with fluorescent lighting, and it’s getting dark.  not early to bed this evening.  i’m excited about the wax.  variations for k, then goldberg, this mortal coil for awhile, then passages.  finally palestrina.

brought a big spider in after filming the waves down at the bottom of the field.  i was sitting on the pot when i felt something on my neck and brushed off a huge ball onto the floor, maybe dead.  it never moved, so i swept it up and put it outside, and ten minutes later it was gone.  apologized to it and searched hastily for bite marks.  got spooked by it, like the ex resident was when she brought a small grey tick to show us this morning.  ticks.  midges.  even a mosquito in the house.  what’s the world coming to – mosquitos in ireland.

equinox, september 22.  the blow blew last night but it was sunny and calm this morning.   clouded over and started misting while i was washing clothes tho.

dream.  i was dating this young guy and then i met the father and we immediately started making plans to be together.  i’d just been hired as a stripper one night a week, at my age, to be working with everyone i knew (stage name uniboob).  later, i was looking for my oldest younger brother and finally found him thru a tunnel, down a slide into an indoor pool.  i stopped at the bottom of the slide rather than going into the water, and he wanted me to go thru more hoops before he’d talk to me, so i just up and left, using the stairs and stepping over the hole on my way out.  he followed but i’d had enough.

today no music so far, and a nap.  am so tired of the oil painting, so i’ve started with the slash and dash – more color, this time it was the yellow ochre that started it.  began a small oil of the rocks, to put encaustic and fuscia on when done.  quick paintings as backgrounds for flowers.

sat here looking at the stone wall of the studio, and suddenly decided to do the wall in watercolor, then tear it up and stick it onto a board and cover with wax.  so i got the first part done.  sheet of watercolor with all sorts of loose brushstrokes of watery color thrown and dragged and dripped across it, then torn into a million pieces.  then to painstakingly glue each strip down with gel medium, and then wait for the medium to set, constantly pressing it down again.  i could do maybe ten at a time, and it took half an hour at least to get them to set.

torn up watercolor paper stuck to a board.  only the 2nd stage.

for dinner i’m having the having the rest of the rather old ex-resident vegetables with bacon, onion and garlic, mushroom, spinach, brussels sprouts.

wind is nw again, from iceland, so i’m having my first fire.  rearranged the settle for the couch so i can watch it.  gretchaninov on, before meyer and ma, before coulais’ stabat mater.  gorgeous sunset, took more clips.

the wee sheepie, hopefully small enough that you can’t see how horribly it’s progressing.

my cast iron stove, by far the tourist pic i’m most fond of

my sister’s village scene, coming along slowly and painfully.

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