Posted by: jeanne | November 28, 2010

local antiquities

i think i published some information about the standing stones and oratory huts and stoneage forts on bolus head, and if not, then google it with kildreelig or other old names for the area.

this is a short one on just the ruins you can see from the artist village.

gee it’s small here, the map i got from bing; you’d better click on it.  the village is to the right.  up at the next farm, go up the hill for a really cool hill fort partially made of stone, with a round place on top, and a door and passage you could get to if you had the courage to move the fecking great spider guarding the door.

in the field next to or next to that, further out toward the head, there’s a tiny little round place made of stone, and it’s just like the walls that crisscross the area except it’s round, so it’s probably a beehive hut, what remains there are.

the close round place is the tiny hut, up the hill a ways is the stone fort

along the road, and actually you can see it on the ridge from the village, as a flat place and a bump on the hill below the road (good luck picking the road out even when you know where it is).  that’s an old early xian place in a round enclosure, with this hut and that building and several crosses with lines etched into them.

the ruins are in  no way spectacular, and you’d miss them if you didn’t know about them.  it’s the beauty of the place that inspires.  you’d want to be an early xian anchorite if you could stick yourself on the side of bolus head and sing about the glory of god’s creation all day and all night.

there’s more, of course.  stuff up on bolus head.  standing stones up on the hill above cill rialaig village itself, stuff in the saddle of croom, and over in finian’s bay, all over the damned place.  it’s wonderful.

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