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history of olafsfjordur

H07-H-1595-qv1 photo 1983

this is my version of the book of the settlement of iceland.  i am looking to see why olafsfjordur was named that, and turns out it was because a guy named olaf settled it.  it’s only partly that way in america, where something that’s named johnstown is named because of a guy named john.  in most of europe, the reasons why are lost to history, but in iceland, there was nothing but rock before they came, so things are more clear and simple when it comes to placenames.  the funny thing is that iceland, like a lot of my favorite places, was settled by people who were kicked out of the society they lived in, and ventured off for a new life of opportunity and adventure.

part 3, chapter 9

there was a man named gunnolf who settled land between the thwart river (thvera, at the head of the valley on the west side) and glodafeyki’s river (?) and dwelt at hvamm.

he came from a long line, and it’s all in there in detail, including lots of progeny and relations, some royalty (daughter of a russian king, sister of the king of the giants), and many children and grandchildren, who kept getting married and having more kids.  who did stuff.

somebody’s son ondott came out to the mouth of kolbein’s river and bought from slettu-bjorn (a relative) land down from  halsgrof on the eastern side and out to the mouth of kolbein’s river, and on the west side down from that brook which is met with out away from nautabui (cattle booths), and up into gorge-river and he abode at vidvik.  sigmund of westfold had to wife ingibjorg the daughter of raudsruggu (the rocking cradle), in naumadale, the sister of thorstein svarfad; their son was kolbein who went to iceland and settled land between grjot river and deildriver, kolbeinsdale and hjaltdale.

with me so far?  me neither.

part 3, chapter 11

ulf the viking, and olaf beck (or stream) went in the same ship to iceland.  ulf settled ulfsdales and abode there.  olaf beck was the son of karl from birchisle in halogaland, he slew thorri the black, and was outlawed on account of that.  olaf settled all the dales to the west and a part of olaf’s firth to the meeting (till mots) with the lands of thormod, and dwelt at kviabekk (foldbeck); his sons were steinod, the father of bjorn, and grimolf, and arnodd, the father of vilborg, the mother of karl the red.

there was a man named thormod the strong, he slew gyrd, the grandfather by the mother’s side of skjalg in jadar, and was for that exiled and went to iceland; he brought his ship to siglufirth and sailed up to thormodseyri, when he named the bay siglu (mast) firth; he settled all siglufirth between ulfsdales and hvanndales, and dwelt at sigluness; he quarrelled with olaf beck about the hvanndales and killes 16 men before they came to the agreement that they should have it on alternate summers or summer about.

thormod was the son of harald the viking, and he had for wife arngerd, the sister of skidi from skididale; their sons were arngeirr the keen, and farfi the father of thrand, the father of copse-isle narfi and alrek, who fought at slettuhlid with knor, the son of thord.  gunolf the old, the son of thorbjorn thjoti (the rusher) from sogn; he slew vegeir, the father of vebjorn, the sygna-kappa (sogna champion), and went afterwards to iceland; he settled olafsfjord on the eastern side up to reek river, and out to vomula, and dwelt at gunnolf’s river; he had for wife gro, the daughter of thorvald from urdir, their sons were steinolf, thorir, and thorgrim.


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