Posted by: jeanne | July 11, 2013

this isn’t america

i’m reposting this in its entirety because it points up the utter uniqueness of this island in the middle of the earth. it’s not like anywhere else, and sometimes punishes the presumption that it is.

Stuck in the highlands of Iceland for two days

  • Monday, 08 July 2013 15:00

An American couple stayed in their Land Rover jeep in the highlands of Iceland for two days this weekend. The weather was bad and there was next to no visibility, so the couple made the correct decision to stay in their car.

The couple were driving on the Sprengisandur-path that leads across the highlands. They went off the path towards Laugafell because they were going to Eyjafjordur fjord in North Iceland. That route is however still closed and their jeep got stuck in a snowdrift. It was windy and it was snowing so there was next to no visibility and there is no mobile coverage in that area.

It was not until yesterday morning that the couple decided to leave the car and walk towards the nearest town. After walking for 15 km they met a man driving a super jeep. He transported them to Akureyri city. Then a journey with rescue teams started, to get the jeep, and the couple finally got to their hotel room at Akureyri around 02:00 am tonight. They were well equipped and they had packed lunch with them, so they were alright but they were exhausted after this adventure.

Not all roads at the highlands are open, to see road conditions and weather click here.


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