Posted by: jeanne | July 30, 2013

airline enquiry

i remember doing this for a trip that never happened. i’d post every week or two about what the ticket would cost at that moment, as if i would somehow magically capture the absolutely miraculous low price by watching all the time, when we all know that things only happen when you’re not looking directly at them.

well, i’m doing it again. you can’t book a flight until your coming back home date is 331 days from now, and for me that won’t be until early september. so i’m doing preparatory runs until then. and doing my research. good thing i love research.

Europe in Summer

LAST YEAR’S SWEET SPOT: 21 TO 22 WEEKS IN ADVANCE You may already be too late to score a cheap flight to Europe this summer. The booking window for the cheapest tickets has moved further out, from 11 or 12 weeks in advance in 2009 to 21 or 22 weeks in 2011. (Average round-trip fares rose to about $1,500 last year from $1,100 in 2009; this year’s outlook is no better.)

To boost your savings, take the least expensive route to Europe you can find. Then concentrate on getting to your ultimate stop cheaply.

“I look into the cheapest fare into a hub like Berlin,” said George Hobica, founder of, which scours the Web for bargains. “Then I figure it out from there.”

He said this may involve taking the train or flying a budget carrier like easyJet or Ryanair to the final destination. Spanish airports like Madrid tend to be cheaper than London or Paris, he said. Dublin and Shannon also tend to be cheaper jumping-off points.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute. Last year, average fares for tickets purchased less than a week before travel were about $2,600, almost double the price of those bought at least 28 days in advance. And if you’re visiting London during the Olympic Games, July 27 through Aug. 12, expect to pay a premium.

so, according to this, around the beginning of march should be the proper time to get my ticket. and at the same time i’ll be getting any-excuse trip insurance.

i’ll be looking at  historical pricing also. watching icelandicair, i can see historical ticket prices from three different places – atlanta, new york, and dc, and of the three, new york’s is the most volatile, which means i’ll stand a chance of getting a real deal out of new york, and then finding a cheap domestic ticket to connect. but i’ll be following the routes on several airlines. fortunately for my search, there aren’t that many routes to iceland. unfortunately for my ticket, there aren’t that many options for getting a deal.

airfare  jfk-kefiad-rek


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