Posted by: jeanne | November 26, 2013

airline enquiry 3

a couple of months ago, when it became possible, i checked the prices. just now i got this article on my fb feed, and of course KEF is not one of the featured markets, so i figured i’d check again and see if there’s been any change.

the cheapest atl – kef flights around my dates shows $1007 on usair and icelandair, but it has 2 stops, at charlotte and jfk. ugh.  delta shows $1029 with 2 stops as well.

from bos – kef it’s $747.99 on icelandair. nonstop. i don’t know what the sale prices might be to boston.

from jfk – kef it’s $786.99, delta. nonstop.

let me see if i can find that site that tracks prices over time. there’s a button on kayak, but it’s not what i’m looking for, so let’s just skip it.

i’ll do this again next month or so.

i saw one the other day, air canada thru toronto and halifax to rek. it sounded interesting.


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