Posted by: jeanne | January 11, 2014

roughly 6 months before iceland residency

okay, i’m still looking at airfares, which aren’t changing at all.

but the reason for this post is that last night i put together my first baggage list of everything i’m taking with me to iceland.

here’s the list, and in case of lost luggage, the things that will go in my carryon are marked A:


A. sleeping bag

A. down jacket

A. waterproof boots


A. wax jacket

A. pillow


A. skirt

rain dhoti

leggins x3 (wear one)

pants x2 (wear one)

A. silk undershirt

A. light sweater

wool shirt

fleece vest

heavy sweater

6-10 pairs of socks


A. inner silk scarf

outer wool scarf

fingerless gloves

wateproof work gloves

t-shirts x3

bathing suit

bathing cap

towels x2


A. glasses




tooth picks


bobby pins

A. prescription drugs x3 x2


A. melatonin


nail files



A. handmade book

A. laptop, cables


A. printouts

picket knife


A. cellphone, charger

electrical adaptor

A. camera, charger

turmeric powder

art supplies

safety pins

sewing pins

sewing needles


embroidery thread


clayboard encaustic boards

watercolor paper

brushes (sable brushes in carryon)



pencil sharpener

palette knives

tape measure

clear fabric ruler

gel medium

linseed oil

gum arabic

silk painting supplies (to be sent in advance)

light bulb for encaustic fusing

i’ve gotten my rolly bag and backpack out of the attic, and will start putting in things as i decide upon then. at some point soon i’ll weigh the whole thing and start over. the last time i did this i had to repack 4 or 5 times until my home scale said it was below the weight limit. even then, it’s got to be a good deal below hte weight limit, because the airline scales seem to be a little heavy.

as for route, i am quite fond of this one, because i get to go over more ice and snow than the other routes, plus i’d rather not change planes at either jfk or boston, thanks very much. it means two sets of customs and immigrations lines, however, so we’ll see. it’s in the same cost range as all the others.

air canada from atlanta to torronto

air canada from toronto to hallifax

icelandic air from hallifax to rekyavik

soon  now i have to decide on my flight dates, arrange for the hostels i’m going to be staying at in iceland, and scope out cancel for any reason trip insurance, because you never know. the icelandic seers are predicting more volcanic eruptions this year, and i want to be prepared.

looking at luggage restrictions for icelandair and air canada:

icelandair $821.51 canadian from halifax to rekyavik

Carry-on baggage
One carry-on bag per person in addition to one small personal item. The maximum
weight of the carry-on is 10 kg (22lbs) and the total of the 3 dimensions (L+W+H) should not exceed 115cm (45in).

Checked baggage for flights to/from USA and Canada
2 bags weighing up to 23kg (50lbs) each, total of the 3 dimensions (L+W+H) does not exceed 158cm (62in).

air canada $295 canadian from atlanta thru toronto to  halifax

1st bag
$25 CAD
(per direction)

2nd bag
$35 CAD
(per direction)

so that’s $1116.51 canadian, which is $1022.73 today.

let’s see what it is if i go thru a us website. it’s $1032 on delta, and orbitz doesn’t use air canada. there’s a sale on at air canada, giving me the route for 300 instead of almost 600. i will have to catch this.



  1. I see you are just preparing for the big trip.


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