Posted by: jeanne | January 18, 2014


hostels for a couple of days in reykjavik, one night in akureyri then on to olafsfjordur for t he 1st when the residency starts. then akureyri the night i leave the residency, and rekyjavik for a night, and then home.

i like the hostel in laugardalur, and will stay there. but i also like the hostel in Hafnarfjordur and might stay there as well. maybe one on the way up and one on the way back, or maybe i’ll up and move from one to the other. hmm. then there’s laugabjarg.

have to think about akureyri hostel next. the backpackers‘ hostel is $35 a night for the end of june, and the same in the beginning of august.

i’ll have to nail down my tasks and trips before making any firm commitments. i have to decide how many days to spend in rekjavik before getting on the kjolur bus to akureyri, spending the night and then going on to olafsfjordur. when i leave i’m just going to want to get on the bus from olafsfjordur and go straight to reykjavik (unless i fly, which is the same price), and then go home the next day, which means a night in reykjavik. but in the beginning i need to do a lot of ‘shopping’. some of it outright buying things (like those woolen gloves), some of it going thru the stock of the art supply store, and some touristing and taking pictures to paint. so a lot of wandering around. i’ll want a pint of guinness in an irish pub. i’ll want some curry. i need to go to the asian market and see if they have turmeric roots. i want to go to the flea market (saturdays and sundays). i want to go where that enormous terrain map of iceland is. i want to visit the garden center and see what kind of hardy plants they sell. i would like to visit the handmade book shop. and check out hte lopapeya sweaters.


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