Posted by: jeanne | January 27, 2014

getting the schedule right

working backwards, i want to be at my residency in olafsfjordur on tuesday july 1.

which means i want the first bus from akureyri, which leaves at 8:15 am.

which means i want to spend monday night, june 30, in an akureyri hostel.

which means i want to take the bus from reykjavik to akureyri on monday june 30.

which means i want to stay in a hostel in reykjavik on sunday june 29

which means i have to bundle all the things i need to do in reykjavik on saturday and sunday june 28-29.

which means i can arrive on friday june 27 or earlier, depending on flight costs.

if i know that, then i can go about getting myself ready to buy tickets.

the bus to olafsfjordur is 815 1300 1630 monday thru friday. saturday and sunday there’s one, leaves at 1540. it costs 46.500 isk. route 78.

the hostel in akureyri costs 4000 isk

the kjolur route sba bus starts from the bsi station at 8 am and goes to 6:30 pm, and costs 15000 isk

the hostel in hafnarfjordur costs 2.900 isk

the day pass in reykjavik costs 24 hours (ISK2.900), 48 hours (ISK3.900) or 72 (ISK4.900) hours

the bus ride from the airport costs 3.500 isk  and an extra 500 isk to drop off at the hostel (but there’s kexpress for 16 euro ($11))

city buses run from the city hostel starting at 6:45, the hostel costs 3450 isk

these are the known costs. there are lots of other costs not even dreamed of that are not included in this.

there’s the visit to the flea market

the elf garden in hafnarfjordur 2000 isk

the vietnamese grocery store


what’s this add up to? just a minute while i whip out the calculator and find the bookmarked currency exchange. 79.250 isk or $690.03, and that’s supposing only one night in each hostel, and doesn’t count the trip back thru reykjavik on the way home, which i expect will be a plane trip ($110) and a single night in the city hostel ($30), with bus ride to the plane ($11) (that’s $150 without extras).  so that’s $a thousand dollars all told, getting back and forth from olafsfjordur, from which i swear never to budge, and always eat beans and rice. that i bring with me.

good thing i know how to live like a starving artist.

(a thousand bucks to get there and back sends shivers down my spine.)

ps airfare for the weekend, which i never look at. traveling sunday to sunday, it costs $1405 to get to kef from atl. the lowest fares are sunday thru thursday, $1032 coming back home on a tuesday. the next tier is 1097 and 1197 for flying on the friday or saturday. so we’re talking about lowest fares on thursday the 26th coming back tuesday the 5th, which is what i’ve been putting in as a ferinstance all this time. that means 2 extra nights in reykjavik before taking the bus and staying overnight in akureyri. so that’s $35 a night, plus the welcome card for 2 extra days, that’s $20 a day, plus food. that’s $150, so we’re right over a thousand dollars for just hanging out in reykjavik for a few days. i should think about moving about some, maybe find a hostel up the road.

maybe look up the ride sharing option.


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