Posted by: jeanne | February 4, 2014

in case i lose my luggage

i’m going on the premise that i could lose my checked luggage. therefore, all the essential things need to go in my carryon. i get one carryon and a personal item, and i was planning on taking my expensive harley davidson backpack. but it won’t fit my 15.6″ laptop. so there.

i did a test  pack.

the essentials:
wool sweater,
wax jacket,
bathing suit and cap,
scarf – stuffed into one large stuffsack;

down sleeping bag,
down jacket (both stuffed into one small stuff sack);

down pillow (my old one, well compacted into a small stuff sack);

pair pants,
fleece vest – packed individually around –
my camera;

let’s not forget my laptop.

other necessities include (but were not test packed)
socks, snotrags
notebook, pen
prescriptions, brush, toothbrush
passport, wallet

leaving aside the other necessities, i stuffed everything into stuff sacks, of which i have 3. that made for 3 stuff sacks, a computer, 2 shoes, a pair of pants and a vest, a scarf, and a camera.

the computer won’t fit into the very expensive harley davidson backpack (thanks daniel), but everything almost fit. there was little room to find any other necessities (like i couldn’t squeeze into the pockets to get at my passport).

i went to the attic and pulled down 2 more backpacks. one was an ergonomic backpack that lacked padding, and altho the computer fit, it would get bumped.

the hp backpack fit the laptop just barely, with very little room for the rest. but it would be easier to get the computer out to go thru security (they still make you pull your laptop out, don’t they?).

i tried my old rolly bag that i’ve used for 20 years now, which is not technically a backpack. everything fit into that with a bit of room to spare. and it weighs 24 lbs. which since it’s carryon nobody cares. it’s not a backpack, tho, and i never like trolling a rolly bag thru the streets. but it is a rollybag, and i don’t have to schlep it everywhere.

anyway, the good news is that i have found my carryon, the old rolly bag that has a dyed rag tied to it from some residency half a dozen years ago. the rest of my must-bring stuff will have to fit in my italian shoulder bag (thanks susie). and it’s a mary poppins bag, so it’ll fit.

i’ll be wearing much of my clothes, because even tho it’ll be the middle of summer here in the south, once i get inside an airport, the temperature is going to be chilly enough, and i can wear my leggings, skirt, undershirt and sweater that will feel appropriate when i get to the frozen north. i’ll have to wear my waterproof boots, which may look silly, and will certainly be uncomfortable during my travel day, but i’m not packing them into checked luggage.

everything will be okay.

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