Posted by: jeanne | February 11, 2014

getting a phone

i have to get an international cellphone because we use different frequencies here in america, and i need a triband or quadband phone if i want to be able to use it here and there.

normally i don’t use a cellphone. it stays in a locked drawer unless i need it as an alarm clock. it’s for when i travel. so now i need another one.

i heart reykjavik has recommendations in general. frommer‘s has a lot to say about it.

how will i use it here? i’ll have to make something up. i’ll have to get to know my phone before i go. i need a sim card for it.

when i get there, i have vodaphone or siminn to choose from. how will i use it there? i will be calling people inside the country as i make plans and call ahead, but mostly i will be using it to call home and see how things are going and tell people about my trip. and i guess text messaging. vodaphone charges 9 cents for each call, and 20 cents a minute inside the country, 28 to call home. it’s ??? at siminn.

then there’s data (vodafome offers a 3 gb starter kit for $17. siminn offers 300 mb for $30).

one of the available choices for cheap international phones is a smart phone.

which, since i’m cellphone phobic, i never considered. but as i thought about it, i wondered. because if i have the internet and i don’t have to pull out my laptop to get to it, then i can go off on wanders and pull up a map and a satellite weather loop. stuff like that.

there’s a regular old motorola for 90 bucks here (reviews here). a nokia for 70 (reviews). here’s a dual sim phone for 60 (so you’re running 2 numbers from the same phone, which i can see would be useful if you liked cellphones…) national geographic offers a phone for 80.

but the smartphone is an imate spjas (sigh it’s so complex the names mean nothing to me) for 90 dollars. it’s an unlocked triband running windows 5. which of course means nothing to me. it might be bad. one site says it’s a discontinued phone.

telestial has a return call service to save those international charges. localphone offers a bunch of services i’m afraid i don’t understand. but they’re cheap. this looks too good to be true, 800 minutes of calls to home for $1.60, which is too good to be true, so it mustn’t be. maybe that’s the price per minute, i don’t know. over on this one site, there’s the globetrotter calling card for 4.5 cents a minute – of course that’s on top of my cellphone charge for calling the number. it’s 3 minute rounding, tho. att’s calling card is one minute roaming, but it’s also 30 cents a minute. i don’t feel like going to att to see what the real price is. here’s a cheap voip app for 8 cents a minute.

anyway, that’s what i have to deal with. and i’m too confused to actually make a choice, so i’m going to leave it for a few weeks.



  1. Are you really is Iceland now? If so I want photos.


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