Posted by: jeanne | March 30, 2014

next step, or second guessing

so i got freaked out because the moment i buy my tickets, the hekla volcano is widely rumored to be on the verge of exploding. if i’m not wrong, this is the one that killed half of iceland and caused the little ice age back in the 1700s. see, i want the volcano to go off after i get there, not before. so i was in a big hurry to get cancel for any reason trip insurance, and spent several days researching that. i went with a broker – – and read all teh fine prints. that was $180. and i also went to and reserved hostels at various stops around the east circle for after my residency is over. none of which i have to pay for until it’s time, which is great.

then who knows by what metrics, but i suddenly got several articles about a place where i’m not going to be staying, an old monastic town full of sisters and elves. kirkjubaejarklaustur (trying from memory here) Kirkjubæjarklaustur. wee hah.

so i have to go to my last post and use my links to pull up the bus that does the east circle passport – sterna, and figure out that the bus does stop there, but i couldn’t find a decent room rate on, and so i skipped it. the route starts at hofn, meaning i have to stay in hofn a night, and all the hotels are expensive in hofn, so that’s my most expensive night on the road. then i chose vik to stay the next night, and reykjavik and home after that.

i looked outside for a hostel, and found one. so i guess i have to check for hofn as well. it’s a cool place in the center of town, and costs $28 for a sleeping bag space, which i’m bringing a sleeping bag. and there are waterfalls and like i said, elf villages.

this hostel doesn’t use booking engines, and i have to send an email requesting a space, but i can do that. so we’ll see.

otherwise, i’m mainly done outfitting myself. the last thing i had to do was get glove liners, because my workgloves which i will waterproof (and dye because they’re currently white) have been letting my fingers get cold in this southern late winter/spring weather. very soon it will be time to take off my winter clothes and get them ready to be packed.

i’m going to be doing a silk painting workshop while i’m on residency, so i am busy working up the class materials. hte hardest part is trying to cram all the things you have to know into one scarf and two days. with a translator. i’m also making my own laptop sleeve for my computer, and i’ve borrowed someone’s apple  gsm phone (a 4) and now have to learn how to work a smartphone, which i’ve always resisted.

and there’s all sorts of other things going on in my life at the moment which makes me all the more busy in the last three months of preparing to go to iceland.

but what about hofn? is there an alternative to’s member establishments? why no, i’ve already got the cheapest place there. and it’s booking out fast. i consider myself lucky.


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