Posted by: jeanne | May 21, 2014

a month until i leave

so it’s a month until i leave for iceland. that’s pretty cool.  i’ve done so much work to get ready, it’s not funny.

what is funny is that i keep finding projects to distract me from my preparations.  it’s the end of may now; in january i decided to get married, and it took five months of work to get that project finished. now i’m fixing to pack up the grandkids and go off to florida for a few days. and i have a month before i have to leave.  what could i be thinking?

it’s a very busy year, is what.  i’m working at my usual hectic pace, adding one project to another as if i were back in my 20s.  or at least my 30s.  and more things keep coming up.  good thing i got cancel for any reason trip insurance.  then again, was it such a good thing that i got liability insurance for the wedding?  who ever knows?

two months ago i put aside all the preparations for my trip to concentrate on the final wedding preparations.  now it’s time to find everything and retrieve it from its place to pick up where i left off.

i have a laptop sleeve and a phone bag to make out of scrap material.  there’s a travel sheet to complete – i had cut out two pieces of sari silk to sew together for a sheet, but haven’t actually sewn it together.  in fact, my sewing machine is up in the attic at the moment.  since i’m going to be teaching a silk painting class, there’s another round of testing to be done.  i’m still trying to get the strength of the individual dyes right, and have to run a batch of test scarves.  and i’m blogging the results of these tests, so there are several blog posts to be completed over on my art blog.  i also still have to write up and publish the chapters i wrote back in november, when i wrote 50,000 words for nanowrimo.   i’m still preparing my newish laptop for travel, as well as continuing to figure out the smartphone i borrowed back in march (came in handy during the wedding, i must admit).  there’s also a bunch of things i need to do around the house and organizing life while i’m gone.  like doctors’ appointments and prescription refills.  and some more provisions to be gotten; little stuff mostly.

anyway, i only seem to think about these things coherently enough to write them down in the middle of the night. so enough of that; i’m going back to bed now.


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