Posted by: jeanne | June 12, 2014

less than two weeks to go

and boy are my arms tired.  i don’t have everything ready, and shit keeps happening to make me prioritize everything else ruthlessly.  to my credit, i did sew  up my travel sheet (i am required to sleep in my own bedding in icelandic hostels, so i sewed together two silk saris so i can sleep in style).  i have spent the last few days loading up the computer with things it needs to run properly, with both sides talking with the other.  now i have to load up my music and my video game.  i also have to finish, or at least make steady progress on my computer bag, and start and finish my phone/id/money holder.  in less than two weeks.  oh yeah and about 150 thank you notes from my recent event.  and i have to do various preemptive family things, like doctors appointments (both jim’s and my doctors (different doctors) went belly up recently, and we still haven’t found new GPs), and a social security card for the grandbaby.  they want two forms of ID before they’ll give a baby a social security card, and you can’t file your taxes unless you have a social security number – for a baby.  and everything ahs to be exactly in order, which means a steep learning curve and several hours-long visits in order to be turned away yet again.  ah stalinist russia was like this.

anyway, i’m not ready, but here i come.  i’m in touch with the residency director; what has become of a need to do something in public art is a troll festival lasting the entire summer, out of which the hope is a new and expanding tradition in the north of iceland, which has been neglected even in these touristy times, and is still remote.  and after a brief tour of the big city, i will be heading out to this magical mountain kingdom where trolls live, in order to write the part of my novel that takes place in this exact landscape.  like all the movies they’re shooting in iceland these days.  i’m writing my novel, set in antarctica, in iceland as well.  how exciting to be riding the wave of innovation and creativity.  wee hah.

like this trip i just took, to florida, with the grandkids and the daughter, to visit the mother and the brother, and go to the beach.  the first beach was a developing rip current, and i almost floundered with avery on my shoulders.  very scary.  the second beach was a wildlife preserve, and it was too steep to surf, or even let the kids into for more than a few feet.  the pull was powerful.  but the third beach was the kind we went on as kids – miles of sand and loads of beautiflly formed waves.  so i rode the waves, and it was wonderful.  however, i lost my license somewhere and had to go thru hoops to get another one.  but now i have my passport out of the safe deposit box,

so now i have to pack in earnest.  that means i have to wash all my woolens that have been sitting there since the end of winter.  i have to sort out what goes in which suitcase.  i have to call the airlines and confirm my seat and order my special meal.  i have to contact the bank and let them know i’ll be making purchases abroad.

one thing i learned while at the beach was that i can’t use the backpack i was thinking about.  it’s one of those ergonomic lopsided ones, and while cute, it doesn’t fit stuff like a rectangle does, so out it goes.  i don’t have a good selection of backpacks in the attic.  i have to be able to fit everything i need for the last leg of the trip into it.  meaning my sleeping bag and pillow, my laptop, my swimsuit and towel, toiletries, walking sticks, and socks.

but since things keep coming up that demand my attention, we’ll see if i’m not sewing at the airport and on the bus…


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