Posted by: jeanne | June 20, 2014

less than a week to go

(theme from jaws) i’m still finishing things up but this is the most leisurely preparation i’ve ever done for a trip.  {no jinx}

my list is down to:

finishing touches on handmade laptop bag
rest of the thank you notes
sending out the contact info email
washing and defleaing the dogs
finishing loading music on my laptop
do the final sort and pack (checked, carryon, personal item, each with its own issues)
clean off the work surfaces in the upstairs studio

and that’s pretty leisurely.  i may even have time to finish the novel i’ve been reading.

i’ve researched what to do for my 7 hour layover in toronto (a lounge), i’ve loaded up my videogame on the windows side of my laptop, i’ve backed up all my computers and am taking a copy of my restore software.

the baggage is a game of sorts.  i am planning to lose my checked luggage, just because murphy’s law, so i can’t leave anything i actually need and can’t replace in it.  so i have to take all my essentials in my carryon and personal bag.  and that’s a tall order.  and it’s conceivable that with the recent luggage size decreases, my rolly carryon won’t qualify, and will have to be checked, and that means that the contents of the rolly bag are going to have to fit into my checked luggage if necessary.  which means i risk losing some of my essential items.  two tiers of essential:  omg.

it’s going to take half a day of repeatedly packing, unpacking and sorting to get all the essential essentials in one bag.  and it has to come in under the weight limits and size limits.  i’ve looked it up and measured, but these bags are soft sided and don’t have a single measurement in any dimension; rather, a range of measurements from one side to the other.  anyway, i’ll figure it out.

meanwhile i’m putting everything into my daybook.  phone numbers, schedules, arrangements and understandings.  i’ve got much of it repeated on my phone and on the internet, so i shouldn’t lose everything when i lose everything.   theoretically.  not that i’m challenging god, or anything, but this is a momentous journey, and i’m minding my Ps and Qs.

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