Posted by: jeanne | June 21, 2014

baggage woes

it always comes down to this.  there’s always plenty of room in the bags until the week before the flight.  then all of a sudden you’re overweight.  and they’ve been changing the carryon allowances in another dirty play to get more money.  my carryon – a rolly bag – and my personal item – a backpack, only meet their size requirements when they’re empty.  and not even that, strictly speaking.

at this point, air canada wants your bags to be specific sizes – 9×15.5×21.5 inches for the carryon, and 6x13x17 for the personal item.  icelandair wants your carryon to be 7.8×15.7×21.6, and doesn’t specify your personal item, but in no case can any of these bags be more than 22 lb.

and what do i have?  my ancient rolly bag, which i used to consider rather small, but that was 15 years ago… it’s 11x11x22 including wheels and handles, the way they want.  and my backpack tho an irregular size, is basically 9x17x20 when i’s full.

so i have a problem.  oh yeah, and as to weight.  i put the essential essentials into the backpack, and it bulges way out,and weighs 20 lb, just under their limit.  the rolly bag bulges as well, and weighs 27 lb, which is way the hell over.  and my checked bag weighs 24 lb with all the nonessentials tossed into its cavernous bulk.

on the assumption that i lose my checked bag altogether, i can’t really afford to put anything i can’t afford to lose into it.  however, i’m thinking that, especially on the first leg, when we’re in a teeny tiny puddle jumper, i am not going to have space to put both my carryons.

so my brainy idea was to stuff my rolly bag into the checked luggage, and call my backpack my carryon.  it’s well within the size limits for a carryon.  mostly, anyway.

the weight of the checked bag with the rolly bag stuffed inside it?  49 lb, one pound less than the limit (and of course their scales never match mine).

so i have to lose 5 lbs out of the rolly bag if i want to take it as a carryon, and if i do that i run the risk of having one or both of my bags rejected for size limits, and being forced to check them all, in which case they’ll all disappear and i’ll have the summer clothes on my back when i hit the ground.  so no, maybe not.

what i’ve done is unpack the rolly bag completely and decide which items go in the checked bag to lighen the load.

and in the meantime i’ve assembled most of my list of last minute items i forgot, and that’s another few rather large items that need to go in, like a vegetable seamer in case i have no other way of setting my painted scarves.  i’ve already pulled out a pair of pants and a heavy wool shirt that i don’t think i’m going to need.  i’m considering abandoning the larger clayboards, and just painting on the smaller ones.  i might forego the flashlight and batteries, because after all it’s daylight all night long most of the time i’m there.

i’ll repack again tomorrow.



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