Posted by: jeanne | June 23, 2014

i rererepacked again

i just saw a post by a fellow resident i have yet to meet.  she’s waiting until the last minute to pack, while i’ve been packing for months.

i thought it was so funny.  my laugh was kind of hysterical.

i made the decision to go ahead and bow to karma, and pack the contents of my rolly bag carryon into my checked luggage.  this means, of course, that i risk losing 2/3 of my luggage when my checked bag goes missing.  which murphy’s law and all that.lso means i’m calling my backpack a carryon, and it well meets the size restriction and is 6 lbs underweight, and i’ve pulled out first the big roomy italian bag which didn’t fit the laptop, and finally the ugly but leather turner briefcase bag my old friend ben gave many years ago, and now i’m good, as long as i don’t lose the checked bag.  you never know.

my checked bag is now 5 lb underweight and only half full, and i still have last minute things to go in there (toothpaste, liquids), there’s room in the backpack, and i’ve got my laptop, my notebook, my day book and my reading book all in the briefcase.  so i’m all ready, and only need to secure the last minute things.

two things are waiting until the last minute.  one has to do with a workshop i’m giving, for which i need workshop supplies, and i’ve sent these on ahead in the anticipation of losing my luggage.  and there they are, sitting at customs in iceland, and i’m not sure whether they’ll make it out of customs.  so i may have to replace these things.  which means i can get the supplier to mail the things there and hope they arrive before the class starts, or i can pack them into my bags and hope it doesn’t upset anybody.  the reason it might upset someone is because i have several different colors of powdered dyes, and the chemicals needed to apply them, like soda ash and citric acid and urea; mild enough chemicals, but some people don’t like complexity and i don’t like to push my luck.

it’s a year of minding your Ps and Qs, don’t forget.  it’s a year of going thru all the hoops and hoping that’s good enough.

it’s only another whole day here, and then i’m off to the airport first thing in the morning after walking the dogs.  i’m trying to appreciate every moment i have left before going off on my great adventure.  the heat, the mosquitos, the burning of my feet on the pavement, the sweating into the bed at night.  i don’t use airconditioning.  i detest air conditioning, always have.  and i live in the south, so that’s a strong thing to say.  but i acclimatize every year to whatever weather is happening outdoors, and then i’m much happier and healthier.  in three months, i’ve gone from being comfortable at 45 degrees to being comfortable at 90, and now i have to go right back to being comfortable at 45 again.  i’m sure to get a cold.  i always get sick when i travel,  but i remember saying to myself how very pleasant 45 was, way back in the wintertime.  i thought it was bracing.  now that i’m used to 90, i’m going to think it’s fucking freezing, and so i’m a little hesitant to put back any of the clothes i set aside at the end of the winter, even tho i packed way too many socks and leggings.  however, i decided to leave the cotton cargo pants home, because i don’t wear pants much (leggings and skirts), and decided likewise with the heavy wool lumberjack shirt, which is too large on me anyway.

tomorrow i will pack the repacked repacking, i will finish loading music onto my computer, i will write those emails telling people where i’ll be and how to reach me, and i’ll pay special attention to how the ground feels under my bare feet and how good it is to walk up the hill into the sun with my eyes closed and the dogs pulling me along.  and then i’ll be up and down all night remembering last minute things, and after that, wednesday morning, i’ll be off.

and then the volcano can blow after that.


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