Posted by: jeanne | June 25, 2014

in toronto


so okay the first thing they did in toronto was to lose my luggage.  but no worries, i sat around for an hour and they found it.  it’s now gone again.  i had to collect my bag even tho it was supposedly checked thru to reykjavik.  and that’s where i found it lost.  then i had to give it back again.

i was supposed to pay for a couple of hours in a lounge, but i don’t yet have my icelandair boarding pass, and without it i can’t get thru security to get to the gate lounges.  so i’m outside security, with no ticket, and i have to wait until 6 before anyone can print me one.  so i’m stuck outside security, and i’m  hungry.  so here i am at the eurobar, starting with a drink and continuing on to a salad.  there  were no food offerings on the puddle jumper i took from atlanta, so i’m working on a piece of toast and a croissant and 2 cups of coffee.  which sounds find except it’s 4:30 and i ate at 11.  how time flies.

the flight was great, i sat at the window and stared out at the clouds, then nodded off a little and started dreaming; don’t ask me what.  i’m hoping my dreams come back to me in force now that i’m travelling.  i’m hoping a whole bunch of things, but it’s not wise to plan the unexpected things that are maybe going to happen to you.

so for now, i’ve got a cup of coffee and a shot of jameson’s, just because, and a vegan salad because they’re not going to give me anything to eat on the plane.  perhaps when i get thru security i can go take advantage of that lounge… or maybe not.


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