Posted by: jeanne | July 1, 2014

settling in

IMG_0878 unfortunately, it’s pink. but it’s also the nicest room, with windows on two sides.

okay then. i have moved in to my residence for the next month.  last night was a final dinner for the june residents, and i got to come and eat all the lovely food and talk to all the residents, who were sad to be leaving.  as usual; artists are always sad to leave a place where art is the most important thing being done and go back to their real lives.  i will be too, in august.  but now i’m exultant.  i’m here, there’s nothing to do but make art, and tomorrow starts a month of furious writing and painting, with some fabric work thrown into the mix.  there’ll be a workshop three weeks in, and an exhibition at the end.

i got up this morning when i heard alice and siggi – the residency directors – got up early to take all the big luggage to the bus stop, because they all left at once.  i packed up my stuff, because i was staying downstairs in their house, because i arrived a day early, and schlepped it over to the residence, then grabbed a handy bike and toured the town, waiting for those two to come over and clean the place.  then i helped them clean, and once they’d gone, unpacked and set up.

for some reason the double-bagged dyes got punctured.  i had all the dyes in ziploc bags inside of ziploc bags together inside a ziploc bag, and for some reason during my travels they came into contact with something sharp, and there’s now dye in a little bit of everywhere.  all on my hands, inside the xtra large ziploc, other places i’m sure i’ll notice later.  oh well, the best precautions laid to waste.  but everything else came thru alright, even my 3 bottles of duty free wine.  and now it’s all where it goes, except i just laid all my art stuff in my studio space and will leave it tomorrow.

then i went to the supermarket, again, and got all the things i need to make bread, and now the bread is rising next to the radiator, and i’ve got sourdough fermenting in a plastic bucket, and will be able to make sourdough later this week.  maybe the starter will be a good one, and i will be able to leave it with the folks at kafe klara.  it’s a 2-lb bag of yeast, and it would take me six months to a year to use it all.

i’m the only one here now.  the others arrive tomorrow, so i have the place to myself.  i might take all my clothes off and wander around, but probably not.  i might lay about and finish reading the book that i brought, but probably not.  i might could take a nap.  with constant daylight, it doesn’t matter when you sleep, whenever you wake up it’s time to get to work.

the first thing i did in setting up was to move the furniture around in my bedroom.  that’s de rigeur on a residency, the same way it is for a beach rental.  suit yourself is the rule.  and then i got out all the obsidian i collected at kerlingarfjoll, and this neat vertebra (seal or whale, says siggi) i found on the beach last night, and put it in the window sills, draped all my fabrics over my bed, took down the curtains and hung my decorative scarves in their place, and hoisted my suitcase out of the way in the wardrobe.

one thing, i seem to have screwed up one of the wheels of the big suitcase.  i fixed it as best i could, but it won’t hold, and will be horrible trouble on the way home.  there seems to be no remedy online, so oh well.


this is likely the last travelogue post for awhile.  i’m going to be posting on my fiction blog pretty regularly, even tho you’re not going to be wanting to read what i write.



  1. pink will do you some good creatively, from the heart. fairies. ❤


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