Posted by: jeanne | July 2, 2014

the other residents arrive

personally, i can’t see getting to a residency any later than as early as possible.  because you don’t want to waste a single day of freedom.  but here it is, after noon on the second day, and i still have no company.  alice, the residency director, stopped by to bring a few things, and told me one of them is coming at 2, on the bus, and another one at 5, again on the bus.  there are two guys here since last night, they’re over in another house (where i stayed the first night).  they’re americans.  the girls coming to my house (mine) are from england and australia.

last night there was a gale.  it got cold enough for me to get out of bed and go bring all the windows to mostly shut.  the bike leaning up against the house fell down.  the sticks i had propped up against the house were nowhere to be found.  and after i had the windows pulled to, there was a wonderful whistling and howling, and so i slept.  with the light always on outside, it didn’t matter when i went to sleep, and i was surprised to see it was 11 pm when i finally went to bed.  i had been enjoying a long hot bath with my book, and never ate dinner at all because of the tea party i’d had with the directors earlier.

and btw i lied when i said i mightn’t be posting anymore on this blog.  there’s always something to report.  today, for instance, it was rainy – well, drizzly – until just now when the sun came out and the clouds rolled back up the mountain.  now it’s warm and beautiful.  my writing table is right in front of the window and faces an ugly little building nobody lives in, but to the left of that building is the main road going off down the valley, following the lakeshore around this huge mountain, the hanging valley of hich is still covered in snow.  and to the right is another huge mountain lining the other side of the lake, and featuring yet another hanging valley.  i can see right up both hanging valleys, and watch the sunlight play over the snow and turn the green into GREEN.

i’ve started writing my story this morning.  i posted the notes for the chapter here, and i’m sitting on the couch in the living room, writing in my notebook.  later i’ll post it.  later i’ll also get over to the studio and unpack everything.  i might even start on a painting of kerlingarfjoll.  watercolor, oil or encaustic?

i had a piece of toast and some coffee after going off to try and find one of my art contacts here, anna maria, who knows the people with the stones and the heavy machinery to move them.  i want to coordinate the troll garden project as soon as i can.  but she’s on holidays right now, after a very busy week putting on a music festival here in town.

when i was in hafnarfjordur, my first stop in iceland, i stopped and visited with ragnhildur teh famous elf seer at helligerdi.  we talked about my troll project.  i wanted her advice on how to do something with/about the trolls that they would be pleased with. m here.   see, i take the idea of trolls and elves and fairies very seriously because i have had actual interactions with them, especially in ireland.  i’ve seen things out of the corners of my eyes for years.  it’s a matter of trust that i can do it.  so my visit with ragnjildur helped me accept that i am able to contact and interact with them.  now i just need to listen.

while i was in her shop, i found a set of divinatory cards, and pulled 3 out.  one of the ones i pulled – one that shone out at me – was asolfur, an elf she worked with to create the cards.  when ragnhildur told me about him, she mentioned that he is accompanied by a little bird, and that he told her i should watch out for the song of a little bird.  then, when i got here, i was walking on the beach and a little bird sat on a nearby rock and yelled at me for awhile.  making sure its nest wasn’t there, i walked to about where it had been, and found this really cool vertebra that siggi my host says is either a seal or whale vertebra.  wait, i’ll show you.


so that was a good confirmation.  for those of you who don’t believe in fairies and elves, or who disapprove of them as perhaps not sanctioned by your religious beliefs, i just have one thing to say – hobby lobby sucks.

this afternoon two more residents arrived, both from australia.  they’re settling in now.  the earlier arrival – cosima – has already gone out to the shops and is now making an omelet.  it’s making me hungry.  the other girl – i forget her name already – has just gone down to the store, which closes real soon now.  so i guess i’ll go make myself something to eat.

what with the constant daylight and all, i don’t know when to eat and when not to.  i don’t much get hungry anyway, so sometimes i have to remind myself… but at least i will open one of the bottles of wine i brought from duty free to have with my lamb.


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