Posted by: jeanne | July 4, 2014

if i want to go to asbyrgi

i want to go to asbyrgi, it’s beautiful and there are fairies there.

i would have to get the straeto 78 bus from olafsfjordur at 6:56 am (monday thru friday), to arrive at akureyri at 7:57 am, and catch the number 79 bus at 8:27 am, which goes thru svalbardseyri, frjosarkbru, nordausturvegur, adalsvegur, husavik, and asbyrgi at 10:44 am.  the bus back leaves asbyrgi at 15:26 and arrives at akureyri at 17:42, and teh 78 comes back from akureyri at 16:30 and gets in at 17:41.  reservations are necessary for the 79 bus.

so there’s my first problem.  the last bus to olafsfjordur leaves before the bus gets in from akureyri, which would mean staying in akureyri or hitching a lift.

perhaps i can do this on my way home, after august 1.  august 1 is a friday.

the cost to take the public bus?  1750 and 2800 for the way out, that’s 4500 isk, which is $40 one way.

renting a car in akureyri costs the bus ride to and from akureyri ($30) and the car rental, the lowest of which i can find for a one day rental (a mini) is $132 at car del mar.

so not a good bargain here.

i could hitch.

my sterna east circle passport doesn’t go there.

so unless a bunch of the other residents want to pool resources to go, it doesn’t look like i’ll be doing that.  damn.


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