Posted by: jeanne | July 17, 2014

things i’m grateful i spent money on

shameless product endorsements follow

keen water-resistant boots

black diamond walking sticks

outdoor research down jacket

jacks r better down sleeping bag

half a dozen pairs of leggings

eddie bauer fleece vest

dharma trading bamboo socks

woollen socks

wool gloves

goatskin workgloves

cellphone tripod (and lenses i haven’t used yet)

lenovo laptop

stillman & birn writing/drawing journal

silk long underwear top and bottom

handmade leather phone carrier

skype subscription for calling landlines

all these things have proven essential travel items, and i’m so glad i spent my hard earned money on them.  as i might have mentioned before, i have saved the money from every commission for two years to be able to afford this trip, and not a penny was spent without agonizing over it and searching all the alternatives and finding the best prices possible.  and i don’t regret a single expenditure, which is a wonderful feeling to have.

plus, i’ll never have to buy these things again for the rest of my life (be it ever so long)


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